Featured Family of the Week: The Hawking-Johnsons

Our Featured Family of the Week: The Hawking-Johnson Family


Judith Hawking and Kenneth Johnson live in the suburbs of New York and are ready to welcome a child(ren) into their home. Take the time to read about our featured family of the week!

“Hi! We are Judith Hawking and Kenneth Todd Johnson. I was born and raised in Canada and then moved to the States for school. Todd and I fell in love, so I am lucky enough to be a Dual American/Canadian citizen. My husband, Todd, was born in Savannah, Georgia. He grew up in South Carolina and we visit his terrific family there, and my family in Canada, as often as we can. We love to be active and live near two gorgeous parks. You can find us in one of those at least five times a week with our two dogs, Romulus and Remus, who love to get out and play! They are also therapy dogs who visit hospitals and libraries, and they are very, VERY smart and full of love. They know when to give you a thousand kisses and when to just let you have your own space.

My favourite hobby is to LEARN... about everything and anything, I also love fashion and travelling. Todd is great at building just about anything and a terrific teacher. Football, (G.B. Packers and Denver Broncos are his favourite) , and soccer are his first choice for sports...and is always up for a game! I am an actress and teach ESL, and Todd is a Union Waiter, so we both have a flexible work schedule. We have friends and family of many faiths. All are honoured and welcomed in our home. We believe that working hard is not only expected but, can be a lot of fun. And having fun is ALWAYS a good idea no matter how hard you are working. We usually gather in in the kitchen and living room cooking, reading, laughing, playing with our dogs, having friends and family over to visit, making our home beautiful, watching movies, taking care of our yard, and a lot more.

We are so looking forward to adopting a child, or sibling group of up to four kids, between the ages of 4 and 19. We are open to boys, or girls, or boys AND girls, and would consider any child with mild disabilities. We absolutely encourage contact with the child's biological, or foster parents, provided it would be in the child's best interest. Children who are bright, inquisitive and healthy. Strong personalities welcomed and, timid souls will be encouraged. Willing to learn, laugh, be adventurous, honest, hard working, with a positive attitude. We believe ALL of these can be taught and nurtured and, we are looking forward to learning, and loving many new things together!”

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