Fun in the Fall: Recipes for Kids



It is the lovely time of year when the air is crisp and the aroma of cinnamon sticks and apples fills one’s nostrils. Leaves are transforming, pumpkin patches are awaiting pumpkin pickers, and the nights have just the right amount of chilliness for bundling up with a cozy blanket and warm mug of hot apple cider.

With fall comes endless possibilities for delicious fall treats. Although Halloween is on the horizon, this is a list of treats that kids will love and won’t require a filling.

1.) Pumpkin Zucchini Bread

Say the word zucchini and it is sure to send some kids running for the door. Combining zucchini with the sweet flavors of cinnamon, pumpkin, brown sugar, and vanilla is a great way to sneak a little greens into a tasty treat. For a healthier option: Sub the brown sugar for apple sauce, the sweet taste will remain while the apple sauce helps create the perfect amount of moisture.

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2.) Baked Apple Chips

Utilize the season for apples with this easy to make and healthy treat! Sprinkle apple slices with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar then bake until each slice is dried. Honey crisp, pink lady, and fuji apples are all excellent choices for this recipe.

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3.) Applesauce Fruit Blends

All you need are mason jars, apples, water, and another fruit of your choice. With no added sugar and the option to freeze and store for later, these sauces come in handy for any season.

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4.) Owl Crackers

It only takes a trip to the pantry for this fall festive and healthy snack. Cover crackers with cream cheese, sliced almonds for the wings and nose, mini crackers and raisins or dried cranberries for the eyes.

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5.) Pizza Mummies

For a savory halloween recipe, break out the bread, pizza sauce, cheese, and olives to fashion individual pizza mummies. Use toasted bread of your choice for the base, spread pizza sauce on the toast, slice cheese to fashion them like mummy wrappings, and add two olive slices for the eyes.

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6.) Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Cups 

Turn a medium sized orange into a fruity jack o’ lantern delight! Cut off the top of the orange just as you would a pumpkin and scoop out the orange slices. Fill the orange with a selection of mixed berries and use a small knife to cut out triangles for the eyes, nose, and space for the mouth.

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