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Searching for Children


  • ICPC Information
    Provides general information ICPC process in Georgia, including contact information for state ICPC offices

Post-Adoption Support & Resources

  • Adoption Assistance
    Select Georgia to view more information on adoption assistance in the state of Georgia, courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway.
    A DFCS program for adopted children with special needs, and are in 6th-12th grade. Adopted Team Empowerment and Mentoring Program allow adopted teens with special needs to meet other adopted chidlren. Meetings are held once a month in regions across the state. Pre-registration is required.
  • Community Resources
    Families may reach out to a Regional Resource Advisor to find resources in their area.
  • Crisis Intervention
    DFCS provides crisis intervention services to families who are referred by DFCS and whose children are receiving adoption assistance.
  • Families Together
    Provides information on adoptive and foster parent support groups, and Buddy Programs.
  • Georgia Adoption Assistance
    DFCS outlines the process of appying for adoption assistance.
  • Georgia Center for Resources and Support
    An overview of Georgia Center for Resources and Support’s post-adoption services, including a lending library, support groups, and training.
  • Medically Fragile Respite Care
    DFCS provides information on respite care for parents caring for medically fragile children. Program requirements and contact information can be found following the link.
  • Podcasts
    A list of podcasts provided by Georgia Adoption Center for Resource and Support. Subjects include parenting issues, adoption issues, child development, neurological development disabilities, and more.
  • State Subsidy Information
    NACAC provides general information on adoption subsidies in Georgia.
  • Training
    Information on training provided by the Georgia Adoption Center for Resource and Support, in addition to links to other online trainings.
  • Webinars
    A list of webinars provided by Georgia Adoption Center for Resource and Support covering a variety of adoption topic. Webinar topics include ADHD, Avoiding Disruption, Autism, Healing Homes, Behavior Triggers, Single Parent Adoption, Talking About Adoption, and More.
  • Attachment and Trauma Specialists
    A list of local therapists that specialize in working with attachment and trauma related issues.
  • Behavioral care treatment centers
    A list of local treatment centers for behavioral care
  • Adoption Therapists
    A list of local therapists that specialize in adoption
  • Child Care Resources
    A compiled list of child-care resources
  • Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs
    A list of local treatment centers specializing in child abuse treatment
  • Counseling Resources
    A compiled list of counseling resources
  • Kid Counseling
    A list of local therapists specializing in treating children
  • Kinship Care
    Kinship programs and information
  • Medical Resources
    Health and medical resources
  • NPEN National Parenting Education Network
    A list of programs by state
  • NOFAS FASD Support
    State resources and support group information
  • Trauma Counseling
    A list of local therapists specializing in trauma related issues.
  • Online Support Groups
    A list of online support group resources
  • Post-Adoption Questions and Answers
    Frequently asked questions and answers regarding adoption
  • Special Health Care Needs
    Resources for parents of children with special health care needs.

Events and Activities

  • Adoption Events
    It’s My Turn Now Georgia will list upcoming adoption parties where home study approved families can meet some of Georgia’s waiting children.
  • Cultural Events
    Events Calendar
  • Summer Activities
    A list of activities for kids.

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