Guest Blog Post Guidelines


  • Our blog aims to provide relevant, useful articles to current/soon-to-be foster families. As such, all articles must be related to to the subject(s) of adoption, child-care, and foster-families. Any articles deviating from these subjects will not be considered for posting.
  • Only one link to personal sites allowed within an author's bio. This link must be to a personal website or social media account. If you would like more than one link to a personal site, you must pay for a sponsored blog post.
  • In order to more easily provide accurate, authoritative content to our readers, only one link to relevant sources is allowed per two-hundred words written. These links cannot be spam nor advertisements. Upon discovery of these misleading/spam links, your post will be removed and you will no longer be allowed as a guest blogger. If you believe you have a good reason for including extra links, you may email with your reasoning.
  • Blog posts will grammatical errors will not be accepted.


All images used in blog posts must be in the public domain. 


All blog posts should follow a professional tone that aims toward empowering and educating either soon-to-be or current foster families/children.


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Article Length

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