How Can I Help? Ways to Get Involved in Foster Care

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How Can I Help? Ways to Get Involved in Foster Care

Adopting is a huge responsibility. Not only are adoptive families responsible for their foster child, but they also have the task of ensuring that their new member of the family has the happy and healthy life that they deserve. However, many believe that the only way to help children in need is to adopt, and this is far from the truth. There are many tools, events, and resources accessible to anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of foster children without carrying the heavy responsibility that comes with adoption. Here are a few lesser-known but equally helpful ways that you can help foster children: 

My Neighbor

Incorporated by the people over at Every Child Oregon, My NeighbOR is an amazing resource to help foster children. People connected to the foster care services can post their needs to this website, whether it be food, clothing, furniture, or any necessity. Once posted, anyone registered with My Neighbor can view these needs, and give them to those who requested them by delivering directly to the family, or dropping them off at a regional pick-up site. To learn more about this great resource, you can visit the My NeighbOR website.


Gifts of Hope

Gifts of Hope is a great charity service for underprivileged and vulnerable children provided by Holt International. Gifts of Hope allows you to buy specific items that make immediate and life-changing impacts on children in need. What makes Gifts of Hope different from other charitable organizations is that you see exactly where your money is going. For example, instead of simply donating a sum of money, you can purchase different items, such as shoes, blankets, or bikes, and know that what you’re buying is actually making a difference. If you’d like to donate, or simply learn more about Gifts of Hope, visit their website.

FosterClub Meet-Up

FosterClub meet-up is a great way for people involved in the foster system to connect and interact. These meet-ups gather foster-connected individuals, caring adults, professional childcare workers, or simply anyone who’s interested, and treat them to a fun night filled with games, laughter, and storytelling. FosterClub meet-ups are great for people to get together to talk about their unique life journeys, while also allowing them to see how their experiences are quite similar, and bond over them. To learn more about FosterClub, or to find out when the next Meet-Up may be, visit their website.

AFFEC Mentor Program

A Family for Every Child’s Mentor Program is one of the best programs out there for providing foster children with a happier life. The Mentor Program assigns a foster child with a responsible adult “mentor,” where they partake in activities that the both of them can enjoy, for a few hours of the day. It’s a great way to brighten up a foster child’s day, and introduce them to new experiences they will never forget! If you’re interested in applying for the mentor program, you can visit our mentor program webpage.

AFFEC Events

In addition to the Mentor Program, A Family for Every Child has a multitude of events that everyone can enjoy. Whether it be music festivals, Hero for a Day, or the Home is Where the Heart is Gala and Auction, our organization is dedicated to improving the lives of foster children. Donating to or attending these events makes all the difference to these children in need. To learn about all of the amazing and life changing events A Family For Every Child puts on, you can visit our upcoming events webpage.

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