Get Involved With AFFEC!

A Family For Every Child began in 2006 to find permanent adoptive homes full of love for waiting foster children. Over the years, 10+ programs have been implemented to assist special needs and challenging-to-place foster children find their forever families. None of this would be possible without all of the wonderful people who donate their time to us and you could be one of them. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make life-long impacts on these children’s lives.

1. Volunteer

We have two events coming up, Princess for a Day (3/3/19) and Hero for a Day (5/18/19) and volunteers are what make them possible. Spending the afternoon with foster children will make a long lasting impression in both of your lives. And who doesn’t love a day full of princess or superheroes?!

2. Intern

Whether you are interested in social media, child recruitment, fundraising, event planning, or something else, there is a spot for you at AFFEC. It’s the best way to gain work experience, and simultaneously make a difference in dozens of kids lives.


Download this app on your smart phone and every purchase you make on your card will get rounded up and the difference will be donated to the nonprofit of your choosing. Every $2.25 coffee you get from Starbucks, could be a 75¢ donation to help foster children find their forever homes. It’s so easy and you’re making a difference without even thinking about it. 

4. Donate 

It takes a wide variety of items to keep our program an ongoing success. Anything from office supplies to gift cards to children books and games, we could use. Decluttering your home or old storage unit could make a big difference in both of our lives.

5. Spread The Word

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, barista, anyone about A Family For Every Child and you are helping us out! We love having our name out in the community and want to bring awareness to all of the amazing foster children awaiting homes. You may not have the time to be involved with us physically, but spreading our name and message is more than enough. 

Thank you to everyone who worked with us in the past and those who want to become involved in the future! A Family For Every Child and all of our children and families are so grateful for you.