In Kind Donations

We need a large variety of items that help our programs to be successful. These items range from office supplies and furniture to gift certificates at local businesses. Please take a moment to read through our wish list below and see if you can help!

Office items

  • Blank CD’s & Cases to be used to send photos of children to caseworkers.
  • Table Easels
  • Picture Frames: 8″x10″ & 12″x18″
  • Digital Picture Frames
  • Photo Albums 4″x6″
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Large red table cloths for events
  • Office Chairs

Gift Cards & Coupons

We are in need of gift cards/coupons to local and national businesses that our mentors can use when spending time with a child. This helps to offset the cost involved for the many mentors who donate large portions of their time and money to be involved in the lives of these children. Additionally, we have a small army of volunteers who work tirelessly to create/update the website, family matching assistance programs, heart gallery, training, data input, etc. and it goes a long ways to show our appreciation to them once in a while with a lunch or dinner.

So, gift cards/coupons to coffee houses, restuarants, laser tag, paintball, bowling, golfing, etc.

Books / Games

Many of the children that are adopted are through A Family For Every Child are above toddler age and many of the parents are first time parents. To help with this new experience, we are looking for books and games that can be given to families and the children to start things off right.

  • Small light weight games that can be shipped
  • Crafts for kids
  • Books