It’s Easy… (I promise)


We need your help!  But take a deep breath because this is super easy.

You know the rewards cards that every store on the planet is requesting you sign up for…

Well this is totally different.

You know every time you purchase a new appliance and you have to send the warranty card in and verification of your purchase…

Again this is nothing like that process.

Or how about when you go in to see your doctor, and must complete pages of paperwork, and submit a co-pay even though you pay too much for your health insurance as it is…

So not like that experience.

We simply need your contact information so we can keep you up to date on our programs and informed about our fun events!

Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your name and email so we can send you notification of a new blog posting and email you our newsletters.

It’s easy!  No card to carry around in your wallet with your other 10,000 rewards cards.  No need to mail anything, and no pages to complete.

One step and you’re done.  If only your taxes could be this easy.