Jefferson County Resources


Jennifer McKague

  • Specialties and Issues: Depression, ADHD, Anger management, Asperger’s syndrome, Behavioral issues, family conflict, OCD, Parenting, Adoption, relationship issues, Trauma, Sexual abuse, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar disorder, and Emotional disturbance.
  • Location: 2775 SW. 17th Pl. suite #7 Redmond, Oregon 97756
  • Website: Therapists Psychology Today
  • Phone Number: 541-213-2151

Betty J. Baumont

Dr. Wendy E. Laakmann

  • Specialties and Issues: Testing and Evaluation, Autism, Learning disabilities, ADHD, Adoption, Behavioral issues, coping skills, developmental disorder, mental retardation, parenting, self-esteem, traumatic, brain injury, academic underachievement, Asperger syndrome, child or adolescents, Depression, emotional disturbance, oppositional defiance, peer relationships, and Trauma/PTSD.
  • Location: 131 NW. Hawthrone St. suite 201 Bend, Oregon 97701
  • Website: Therapists Psychology Today
  • Phone: 541-526-7758

New Priorities Family Service

  • Common Issues address: Self-defeating thoughts, Depression/Anxiety, ADHD, Oppositional defiant disorder, Conduct disorder, Anger/Emotional management, Family conflicts, Defiant/Aggressive behavior, self-management behavior, Attachment issues, decision making/problem solving, and Self harm/Suicidal ideation.
  • Location: 1655 SW. Highland Ave. suite #3 Redmond, Oregon 97756
  • Website: My New Priorities
  • Phone: 541-923-2654

Sherrie J. Adams

  • Specialties and Issues: Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, substance abuse, Anger management, relationship issues, and stress management.
  • Location: 705 SE. Salmon Ave. Redmond, Oregon 97756
  • Website: Crooked River Counseling
  • Phone: 541-526-7784

Mental Health Services

BestCare Treatment (Mental Health)

  • Description: we understand how challenging and sometimes bewildering it can be to provide an environment where everyone can be successful and thrive. The Parenting Toolkit Classes at Jefferson Center for Mental Health are small groups that provide support, training and consultation on mental health and behavioral issues facing children involved in the child welfare system.
  • Contact: Debbie Palmer
  • Location: 705 SE. Salmon Ave. Redmond, Oregon 97756
  • Website: Therapists Psychology Today
  • Email:
  • Phone: 541-325-5024

Other websites for foster/adoptive families

The Oregon Foster Parent Association (OFPA)

  • Description: Statewide association operating within the foster, relative, and adoptive community in Oregon. Founded in 1996, the organization’s mission is “to empower, support, and advocate for foster, relative, and adoptive families who enrich the quality of life for Oregon’s children.”
  • Website: About OFPA
  • Email:
  • Phone: 503-361-3609 or Toll Free: 1-888-544-3402

Foster Club

  • Description: National network of young people in foster care.
  • Locatino: 753 First Avenue, Seaside OR
  • Website: Foster Club
  • Phone: 503-717-1552