Adoption Agency Assistant Director (Onsite)

Are you seeking Professional Experience through a volunteer role?

Rare Opportunity to make a REAL Difference

A Family For Every Child is honored to offer a volunteer or intern role for the right person. If you are interested in digging into social work this might be for you.

This truly is a rare opportunity to have a significant role in changing the face of child recruitment services. Are you hoping to build your web resume? Need to show “real” work and could benefit from a reference from a national nonprofit? We would love to partner with you, and benefit both of us. We are looking to invest in someone who we can assist in their growth, and they will make a commitment to work with us for a year. Does not need to be located at our office, can be done from anywhere.We are very committed to how technology could change the lives of many children living in foster care and engage volunteers outside of our local area. Are you looking too?

  • Building your resume by working with a nationally known organization
  • Designing and taking a lead on a key role within the organization
  • Research, design and implement areas of need
  • Help create next steps to broaden the scope of the project after the initial development is complete

We need from you:

  • A one year commitment.
  • 6-10 hours a week.
  • Passion to help children find their forever family

About the Project:

This is a unique career opportunity and has a potential for growth opportunity within the organization. The Adoption Agency Assistant is responsible for assisting the Director and our Adoption Worker(s) with their families in all steps of the adoption process. Such as meeting with families, admin support, knowledge on policy work, and recruiting children for families. Our Adoption Workers are responsible for assessing, training, and providing support to families within their caseload during the entire duration of the adoption process from orientation through finalization. All while ensuring compliance with agency policies and procedures, and all federal and state requirements and laws. This is an opportunity for the Adoption Directors assistant to get very hands on social work experience that will help you be better equipped to apply and find a job in the social work field, or move up in our organization.

  • City Descriptions
    • Ongoing project of locating and compiling specific Oregon city descriptions for the data bask
  • Sending cards to agency families starting the process or who have finalized
  • Facebook invitations, build FB private groups, and emailing agency families who are not a part of our Facebook page and asking them to join
  • Training newsletter, templates, whitepapers, email
    • Using a template to create a monthly “Training Newsletter” for families
  • Adoption Tips
    • Creating “Adoption Tip Tuesday” posts and get to families at appropriate times
  • University Search
    • Identify universities that have a masters level MSW program and find out what their internship requirements are
    • Include contact information for universities
  • Adoption friendly workplace
    • Create a list with contact information of local businesses who are adoption friendly (start with list on Dave Thomas Foundation Website)
    • Make a plan to get into a number of new companies each year

Create surveys at appropriate periods during a families journey (such as entering a new phase) about their experience.

  • Building and growing an avenue for Military families who are looking to adopt (both through AFFEC and in other areas of the US)
    • Flowcharts, templates, newsletters, flyers geared to military families
    • Who can we work with nationally and how do we start a relationship with them, create a plan with contacts and steps
    • FAQ
  • Social Media expert for AA
    • Make a plan to grow our private FB group page, post regularly, use hashtags and other social media to expand adoption agency outreach
  • Inquiry process for agency families
    • Study all past interested families
    • Survey them
    • Develop a plan to do outreach and call them
    • Identify ways to educate them, webinars, orientations, etc.
    • Assist in Agency Family Monthly goals of 10 new families each month
  • Parent evaluation tool
    • Research different personality and parent assessment tools and create a plan to integrate into our system.

Because this is a very select role, with a large commitment on both parts, we will be interviewing for the right person. Please respond to with your interest and resume.