Child Recruitment

  • Professional Experience Volunteer
  • Anywhere

Are you seeking Professional Experience through a volunteer role?

Rare Opportunity to make a REAL Difference

A Family For Every Child is honored to offer a volunteer or intern role for the right person. If you are interested in digging into social work this might be for you.

This truly is a rare opportunity to have a significant role in changing the face of child recruitment services. Are you hoping to build your resume? Need to show “real” work and could benefit from a reference from a national nonprofit? We would love to partner with you, and benefit both of us. We are looking to invest in someone who we can assist in their growth, and they will make a commitment to work with us for a year. Does not need to be located at our office, can be done from anywhere. We are very committed to how technology could change the lives of many children living in foster care and engage volunteers outside of our local area. Are you looking too?

  • Build your resume by working with a nationally known organization
  • Designing and taking a lead on a key role within the organization
  • Research, design and implement areas of need
  • Help create next steps to broaden the scope of the project after the initial development is complete

We need from you:

  • A one year commitment
  • 6-10 hours a week
  • Passion to help children find their forever family

About the project:

  • The project focus is a streamlined process to request, schedule, and implement child recruitment services.
  • It would involve a project plan, test social workers and recruiters, designing a pilot program, data collection, survey, etc.

Project Development – This is the heart of what we do. Do you want to learn what it takes to get a foster child adopted and how to do it? One of our key staff members has created an extensive recruitment plan, we need a key team member to work with her to get this rolled out.

  • Build your resume by working with a nationally known child recruitment program
  • Programming heavy/CRM Salesforce Heavy
  • Create a survey to distribute to approximately 3500 workers nationwide
  • Survey social workers/recruiters
    • Determine what types of recruitment services they prefer
    • Determine what type of reporting system they would prefer (click a tile and a printable copy appears or emailed monthly or both)
    • Determine reasonable timeline (currently we have approximately 3 month timeline from receipt of photos—if we coordinate photos, that extends the plan)
    • What types of forms do they appreciate? What do other websites offer you would like to see in our forms (this will improve our listing and update forms for workers)
  • Designing and taking a lead on a one of a kind program to be launched nationwide
  • Research, design, and implement areas of need
  • Help create next steps to broaden the scope of the project after the initial development is complete
  • More detailed elements of the project
    • Needs of each
    • Scope/timeline
    • Salesforce/CRM Assistance
      • Evaluate current processes and determine needs
    • Survey Audiences
      • Define elements, create and implement
      • May include services, reporting, and user friendliness
    • Create forms, templates and assess work processes
    • Back End Web Developer
      • PHP experience preferred
      • Create the website integration of the plan
  • Determine test audience
    • Encompass a test audience of social workers and recruiters nationwide
    • Formulate test
    • Assess and adjust accordingly through surveys and other communications
  • Pre-launch marketing
    • Formulate and implement a plan including social media and email marketing techniques
    • Create a timeline and calendar
  • Launch marketing plan
    • Formulate appropriate plan

Because this is a very select role, with a large commitment on both parts, we will be interviewing for the right person. Please respond to with your interest and resume.