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Scrapbooking Enthusiasts!

We are looking for volunteers interested in helping caseworkers organize or complete LifeBooks for Foster Children in Lane County. All volunteers will have to complete a volunteer form found online. Scrapbooking experience would be preferred but not a must, help is available for newbies. Volunteers will be contacted by Caseworkers when needed. Some of the LifeBooks may be time sensitive and will need to be completed in a time frame set by Caseworker. Supplies will be furnished: albums, or notebooks, pre-made pages to choose from, adhesives, cropping tools, stickers, letters & additional paper when requested.

Job Duties :

Placing photos of a child in a Life Book or you may be asked to help a Caseworker organize the photos and pages.

Contact :

Sandra Estep
Lifebook Co-Coordinator
541-517-3647 (call or text)

Gail Van Gundy
Lifebook Co-Coordinator
541-525-3500 (call or text)