MAP Outreach Coordinator

  • Professional Experience Volunteer
  • Anywhere

Are you seeking Professional Experience through a volunteer role?

Rare Opportunity to make a REAL Difference

A Family For Every Child is honored to offer a volunteer or intern role for the right person. If you are interested in digging into social work this might be for you.

This truly is a rare opportunity to have a significant role in changing the face of child recruitment services. Are you hoping to build your web resume? Need to show “real” work, and could benefit from a reference from a national nonprofit? We would love to partner with you, and benefit both of us. We are looking to invest in someone that we can assist in their growth, and they will make a commitment to work with us for a year. Does not need to be located at our office, can be done from anywhereWe are very committed to how technology could change the lives of many children living in foster care and engage volunteers outside of our local area. Are you looking too?

  • Building your resume by working with a nationally known organization
  • Designing and taking a lead on a key role within the organization
  • Research, design and implement areas of need
  • Help create next steps to broaden the scope of the project after the initial development is complete

We need from you:

  • A one year commitment.
  • 6-10 hours a week.
  • Passion to help children find their forever family

About the Project

The MAP (Matching Assistance Program) Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for the growth and continued development of the program and its affiliates. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the programmatic quality and integrity of all activities. This position will be responsible for the overall operation of the growth plan for this program, including monitoring program goals, budgets, marketing, and outreach. In this capacity, they will provide leadership and supervision to program staff/volunteers/interns. The individual will be the liaison between AFFEC and community agencies. We hope this staff member will grow with this opportunity and excel within our organization and on our team. 

Responsible for

  • Creating and developing a growth plan and budget for the various groups within the MAP program, including adoption workers, social workers, families, and community partners
  • Setting and maintaining date targeted goals of growth for each MAP group and following up with the steps needed to make each goal happen. Both short term and long term (i.e. 6 months, 9 months, 3 years, etc.)
  • Developing recruitment opportunities and building partnerships with other agencies, social and adoption workers, and families with the goal of growing the MAP program.
  • Developing promotional material for the MAP and FAS program, including the expansion of currently used tools and the creation of new material such as mass emails, newsletters, letterhead and logos, while also developing success story pages and other ways to make each program sustainable.
  • Creating and maintaining a call list of potential partner agencies, both in and out of state.
  • Develop a growth plan and budget for our MAP Additional Membership Services program (FAS), which will include outreach and recruitment of new families and a sustainable plan for the growth of this program.
  • Update existing foundations for each program and increasing options for training delivery methods that are both effective and straightforward.
  • Streamlining the process to recruit, train, and oversee FAS’s. Develop a plan for the recruitment of new volunteers for the FAS role, both in and out of the office.
  • Communicating with other agencies about the benefits of MAP and the FAS program and cultivate these relationships for future partnerships.
  • Developing a rapport to build relationships/partnerships with families and agencies who utilize the MAP program.
  • Working with MAP Additional services by checking in with families weekly, assisting them with the matching phase, following up with social workers, and ensuring that their process is at an appropriate pace (all training provided).

Because this is a very select role, with a large commitment on both parts,we will be interviewing for the right person. Please respond to with your interest and resume.