Keeping A Family Journal

Journaling as a family can be a therapuetic bonding experience and create a record of memories. 


A journal captures the memories that could easily escape your mind. These memories are usually raw and can be passed down for generations through the family tree. The benefits of keeping a journal cannot be overemphasized, but they get more pronounced when it becomes a family project.

Each member of the family has a unique perspective on life. A similar event will be recorded in multiple unique ways by each member of the family. The family journal will, therefore, cease to be a monotonous narrative through a single eye and become the combined efforts of all persons in the home. This adds beauty and multiple voices to the project.

The Beauty of Family Life

A family is like an orchard made of beautiful fruits. Each member of the family has a different flavor that makes moments beautiful to share. This uniqueness and beauty can be seen in a family journal. The journal provides a chance for each member to express the moment in his or her voice. Whether the journal is read at the moment or later, the beauty and voice of every member will be heard in writing.

Keeping the Family Together

Families grow old and members go in different directions. It becomes difficult to meet regularly and share beautiful moments together. The family will be kept together by the memories that are stored in the journal. Everyone will look forward to sharing moments similar to those recorded in the journal. The need to create similar moments pulls family members together. Children will carry forth the dream of their parents as they were captured in the journal. They will also be compelled to create similar memories for their families.

Time to Reminisce

Families enjoy the similarities between parents and their children, grandparents, and grandchildren, cousins, and other family members even without direct blood relationship. A journal will help you identify character traits that are similar and events that might repeat themselves in the course of life. It is interesting to spot similarities or even appreciate that one character is totally different from the others. These similarities and differences can only be spotted through journaling.

Therapuetic Angle of Journaling

Journaling has been cited as one of the ways to maintain emotional stability. Recording experiences is similar to sharing it with third parties. It also helps you to offload the nasty experiences without throwing them away since they remain a part of your life.

Journaling is not just for nasty experiences. It helps you to keep the good memories alive. Writing a family journal means that good memories will not be lost. In case a conflict arises, you have a reference point that your brother, sister, parent, or any other member of the family once gave you a reason to smile. If the person has made you angry today, the anger will be diffused and transformed into beautiful memories.

Making a Family Journal Fun

Not every family member is born a writer. Proposing that everyone participates in the writing process, therefore, becomes a tough job. How do you make everyone buy into the idea of writing a journal or participating in one? 

  • Review the entries together- indicate the memories and entries that should go into each episode. You might assign the duty to everyone so that one is writing about foods while the other captures the trips, evening activities, new babies into the family, and such elements. Everyone will find something interesting to say about a particular area. 
  • Do not criticize entries made - let each writer capture the events from his or her perspective. Agree that each perspective is accurate since it is personal. 
  • Use technology in journaling - create a website or social media page where family members can make their comments and entries. The page should remain strictly about the family. 
  • Include pictures and videos - a picture can capture a thousand words. Reviewing a video makes family memories even more interesting. Capture the memories using all devices possible and freeze them for future reference. 

It is impossible to predict the direction a family takes over the years. Journaling helps you freeze your most beautiful, as well as trying moments as a family. These memories can be passed down through generations and play a huge part in keeping the family together.

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