The Basics on Foster Care


There is an abundance of information on the internet regarding practically any topic one can think of. The information about foster care available on the internet is plentiful and easy to access for perspective foster parents, foster children, individuals seeking volunteer opportunities, and more.

Here is a list of websites to visit as a starting point for a research trail on foster care:

1.) “Resources for the Community” at

Every May, or National Foster Care Month, posts a list of resources for people to learn more about foster care. These lists include information on how to become a foster parent, as well as how to contribute to the positive development of children in the foster care system.

For 2015, look for article titles such as, “Becoming a Foster Parent” from the National Foster Parent Association, “Is Fostering a Good Fit For Us? Things To Consider” from the Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center, “Ways You Can Help” from Casey Family Programs and so forth.

2.)  FosterClub Forum

At the online public forum FosterClub, people can search from an array of topics regarding foster care. These forums largely include users that are currently in the foster care system and acts as a safe place for foster children to ask questions and seek support from others who understand their situation. Topics range from adoption, entering foster care, rights in foster care, federal policy, and more.

3.) AdoptUSKids

As an organization that strives to provide tips and resources to children in the United States foster care system, adoptUSkids helps make the journey from foster care to adoption a successful one. Peruse articles on topics ranging from adoption laws and resources for LGBT families to common myths about adoption.

4.) Human Rights Campaign 

The humanrightscampaign provides resources for numerous situations and demographics. Including in this list is a substantial resource list on foster parenting. This website offers a foster care FAQ from the Children’s Bureau, tips on how to find an agency, steps towards becoming a foster parent, the finances of foster parenting, and much more.