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Partner your Agency with MAP to help Families

We work with many adoptions and state agencies throughout the United States and are now offering an exciting opportunity to partner with A Family For Every Child to further benefit your families. Over time we have developed valuable relationships with many of you; working together to assist families and therefore have found homes for children. All we are asking is your willingness to let your families know about our Matching Assistance Program and partner with us to better serve families in a time of large workloads for all. Let’s work together and change the life of a child by building a family.

This program will offer your families support that compliments what you are already doing. As a team, we can work to match them sooner and perhaps support them through the process. We all know this is a big job and often requires a team.

How our team will benefit you as the families worker:

  1. Your family will be able to create their own family biography page, that will be viewed by children’s workers. This page reflects their personality and current status, training and experience which is often hard to write on paper in a home study and certainly hard to update as much as families would like to. Families can update daily if they desire.
  2. Families will be able to submit their interest and family biography for themselves based on your recommendations and guidance. Even though you will not be required to do these daily submissions, we will cc you on all of them. We will also track these submissions and inquiries and be able to provide you with monthly reports if requested, this should also free up some time.
  3. Your family will feel empowered to be their own advocate and hopefully more engaged during this difficult “searching/waiting” part of the adoption process. We all know how hard this can be on families.
  4. Your family will always have up to date adoption materials, online training information and new photo listings for their continued education, meaning you will not need to hunt for this information for them. When they register, they receive a list of over 50 photo listing sites and a “loaded” Welcome packet with adoption information for their review.
  5. And best of all–Your family will be Matching Faster!

The Power of Partnership- Christian Family Adoptions & A Family For Every Child

“This is big. I mean really big. This is an announcement about a pilot project partnership with A Family for Every Child (AFFEC), a Eugene-based special needs adoption agency. This teamwork approach is a significant part of Christian Family Adoption’s state/special needs program expansion process. We are joining with AFFEC to expand our child matching efforts by informing families regarding children available for adoption across the U.S., and by helping broaden each family’s search opportunities.”

Through a six-month pilot project, Christian Family Adoptions is utilizing the extensive database maintained by AFFEC. It is available to all families who are working with Christian Family Adoptions and have an approved home study. To top it all off, there will be no additional charge for access to the database through December 2011. We will reassess the situation at the conclusion of the pilot, but for now, the benefit is included in each family’s coordination fee. We are thrilled about this new venture, and are excited to team up with families as we develop and refine the powerful partnership with AFFEC.

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If you would like to talk to us further about partnering we are very interested in exploring these options with you!

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