Peer to Peer Fundraising

  • Have you thought about Adopting from Foster Care?

  • Is the expense of a Home Study proving to be a challenge?

  • You don’t qualify for a loan or Financial Aid?

We can show you how!!!

It’s called…….
Peer to Peer Fundraising!
It is EASY to do!

1.Create your own Page with your story!

2.Share with your Family & Friends!
You are already on your way to growing your Family!
Step by Step Directions:

Step #1
Go to our Website
and Select ADOPTION”
then select “DONATE”

Step #2

Select the button with the dollar amount that applies to your situation

then select

“I Want to Fundraise For This”
at the bottom

Step #3



Step #4

Create your account

Select “SUBMIT”

Step #5

Customize the appearance of
your page

  • set your fundraising goal
  • add images
  • tell your story

Select “SAVE
Step #6
SHARE your Story through your emails
and social media.
Let your fundraising campaign begin!
For your convenience,
below is a “How To” Video!
We are stronger
when we work together!
For more information, please contact our Development Team at or call our office at 541-343-2856

Want to help a friend or family member fund their adoption? Do they already have a peer-to-peer fundraising page? Here's an easy how-to!