Become a Volunteer Photographer of Foster Youth

A Family For Every Child's Heart Gallery is designed to bring awareness to the foster care system and children that are in search of permanent homes. We are constantly in need of professional photographers from across the country willing to volunteer their time to take beautiful pictures of children presently in foster care that are waiting for their forever family. A Family For Every Child's Heart Gallery works closely with child welfare partners to coordinate these photo sessions for the purpose of adoption recruitment. For more information about what the Heart Gallery Program, click here.

The Heart Galleries can be seen everywhere: from the grocery store to your church to the car dealership and everywhere in between. The goal of our Heart Gallery is simple-to-open the mind and heart of the viewer to the idea of adoption.

By signing up as a volunteer photographer, you are put on a mailing list to be alerted in a child in your area needs their photo taken. In return, A Family For Every Child promises to recognize the photographer on the AFFEC website, to update the photographer when the children they've photographed have been adopted, and to provide the photogrpaher with a high-resolution .jpg of the AFFEC logo for use on their website. A Family For Every Child is a 501(c)non-profit organization. Your entire donation is tax deductible.

How to join

Step 1: Complete the forms listed on our Volunteer Page, indicating your interest in becoming a volunteer photographer for the Heart Gallery.

Step 2: Read through the New Photographer Packet, which contains a welcome letter, general procedures, tips and guidelines, and photo requirements.

Step 3: Once we are notified that a foster child is in need of a photograph, we'll email any volunteer photographers in their region. If you're available to take the photo, the child's caseworker will coordinate with you to find a date and time for the photo session. During a photo session, you will never be left alone with the child.

Step 4: Once the child finds a forever home, you'll be notified that a child you've photographed has been adopted.

Tips for Photographers

  1. Please remember that you cannot transport the youth and/or their representatives. 
  2. You should not communicate with the youth prior to or after the photography session without the approval of their caseworker. You will coordinate your involvement with this youth through an authorized adult. 
  3. Be respectful of each child and worth of their trust, make them feel special. 
  4. If you feel the need to pose a child, always ask permission before you touch them.
  5. Do not ask the child why they came into foster care or any other personal details of their lives.
  6. Feel free to ask them about their interests, their hobbies. Many children open up when talking about things they are passionate about.
  7. These kids will blossom under a heavy dose of praise--let them know when they are doing well--offer encouragement--make the time together fun!
  8. For the safety of both you and the children, you are never allowed to be alone with any of the children you photograph. A caseworker, foster parent, or adult caretaker must be within line of sight and earshot of you and the child at all times.

Contact Information

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the contact information below.

Volunteer Coordinator
A Family For Every Child
Fax: 541-343-2866