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Professional Photography and Videos

A Family For Every Child will arrange for professional photographers to take pictures of your children in order to use them for recruitment purposes. Typically, recent, nice and professional pictures that show the child doing a hobby or activity they love to get the best responses from potential adoptive families.

Who can have their picture taken?

With permission from their caseworker, any child in the foster care system can ask our agency to schedule a professional photo-shoot, close to their location.

What else can we do with these photos?

A Family For Every Child is more than willing to share these professional images with workers or any other recruitment efforts outside of our program.

What if I want my child to have a video?

We can arrange for videographers to create a video of the child to be used for our recruitment purposes. Families gravitate more towards the children that have videos, as they are allowed to see a glimpse of the child in their real life.

These pictures can be used in our Heart Gallery, on our website and in our matching events.

Request Professional Photos

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