Siblings Reunited


I never read magazines.  I scan magazines when I am waiting in line at the grocery store.  If a cover grabs my attention or a title looks interesting I will flip through the pages and skim the article.  It’s a dangerous way to obtain information since I never have the time to gather all the facts.  After the groceries are bagged and I am headed home only a small amount of the story remains in my brain.  I do not recommend this way of staying informed.  However, in a world of constant distraction; car pools, sporting events, homework, work, house chores, laundry, dishes, yard work etc. this is all the time I have for recreational reading.

Last Saturday was an exception.  My daughter was turning 13, and I had taken her to the salon to get her hair done.  As I waited for the beautician to finish her masterpiece I picked up a People magazine on the table next to me.  Sandwiched between advertisements for toothpaste and diet pills was an amazing story.  The headline picture featured a couple with their teenage daughter and older son.  In bold, black letters the title stated, “They Reunited Long-Lost Siblings”.  I began to read the article and was so blessed that I did.  The story of Ara and Robert Hunt is amazing.

Robert and Ara were contacted by a Social Worker to see if they would like to meet the 18 year old homeless brother of their adopted daughter, Shyann.  There initial response was fearful and negative.  They did not know this boy and were afraid he would somehow hurt their family.  Seth Miller had a sad, heartbreaking story.  He was taken from his biological mother at birth and after a failed adoption he spent 11 years in the foster care system.  He describes always feeling like an outsider, and recalls being sent to his room one Thanksgiving so his foster family could share dinner together with their “real” family.  After aging out of the system at 18 he moved into his car.  Virginia Barrett, his social worker was determined to help Seth.  At the same time that she was searching for relatives who could help Seth (who now goes by Logan), a local news station did a story about him aging out of the foster care system and living in his car.

The Hunts happened to see this news story.

They knew at that point they needed to meet him.  Once they met him everything changed.  He went home with them and never left.

“Everyone just bonded,” Ara says. “We felt that this was right, that he was family.”

“After 13 years to finally find joy again, it’s like having your first birthday,” Logan says. “It’s a heart-opening experience.”

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