Spring Break: The Ultimate “Stay-Cation”


Turn that week off from school into the vacation of a lifetime!

Here’s how to have never-ending fun while staying in town:

1.) “Travel the World” Week

Draw countries out of a hat or have a family vote! Choose five places that everyone is interested in traveling to/learning about, research facts on internet, and print photos to create a travel scrapbook. You can even choose authentic recipes to fit the theme and make dinners from around the world.

For more travel the world week fun visit: http://www.melissakaylene.com/2013/03/20-spring-break-stay-cation-ideas.html

2.) Board Games & Floats

Bust out every board game in the house and get playing! This is a fun activity that is good for any night of break. All you need is vanilla ice cream and a variety of sodas to make the perfect float bar.

For innovative float recipes visit: http://www.shesaved.com/2014/06/ice-cream-float-combinations.html/

3.) Backwards Day

Spend the entire day doing everything backwards! Wear your clothes backwards, have breakfast for dinner, and dessert for breakfast. Everyone in the family will enjoy the silliness.

For backwards day inspiration visit: http://www.parents.com/fun/birthdays/themes/backwards-party/#page=1

4.) Summer Bucket List 

Everyone can contribute to a family summer bucket list! Do some research and decide on what the family’s “must-do’s” are this summer.

For summer bucket list ideas visit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/267330927857678102/

5.) Local Fun 

Spring Break is a wonderful time for many events in the area! Check out the weekly event calendars in the newspaper and the local park & recreation website for what’s happening this spring break.