Stephanie and Chris’s Adoption Success Story

Stephanie and Chris's Adoption Success Story

Hi, we are Stephanie and Chris, from just right outside of Houston, Texas. My husband and I have been married for eighteen years and have adopted three amazing children and are awaiting the finalization of our last two. Chris is an accountant by day and a grilling expert by night, and I have been blessed with a flexible job that allows me to work from home and walk the kids to the bus stop and pick them up every afternoon after school.

Our two eldest boys were adopted as infants through private adoption, and we have been blessed to watch them grow into exceptional young men. Our first was a private international adoption when he was an infant, he is now sixteen and a joy to be around. Our first foster placement was about four years ago and lasted ten amazing months. While we were happy the child was able to be reunited with their family, our family came to realize the hardships of fostering. This experience taught our family about trauma and opened our eyes to the number of kids in the foster care system. Even at infantile ages, the hardships of being in the foster care system takes a toll. Although fostering had its difficulties, we are grateful we got to be foster parents to amazing children and were able to be in their lives, although it was only for a brief time.


Our 13-year-old daughter was placed with us when she was 10 and had experienced foster care for over 9 years . She has grown into such a wonderful young woman and has come a long way from when she first arrived. She enjoys spending time running with her dad and is constantly exploring new interests.

After going through our highs and lows of fostering, we enrolled in the Matching Assistance Program with A Family For Every Child. We eagerly filled out our family profile, submitted our home study, and by that night our adoption worker called with a match - a boy and girl. While we are still waiting for the adoption to be finalized, we have been fortunate to spend quality time with our newest additions, since they moved in with us in April of last year.

During this pandemic, our household has rarely had a quiet moment. We have had loads of outdoor time exploring different parks and hiking trails, riding scooters and bikes, and spending socially distanced time with family. We have also taken up YouTube dance and art parties for nights in. Chris and I thank God for these blessings, and for giving us the courage to work through the hardships. We are so grateful for the amazing family we have found through this journey!

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