Graduation in Style: Crafts, Recipes, & Gift Ideas

Graduation in Style: Crafts, Recipes, & Gift Ideas

  Treat your grad like royalty with these graduation party must-haves! 1.) Graduation Photo Banner  Relive your graduate’s school years with a fun photo banner starting from kindergarten to present day! What You Will Need: *Photo prints *String *Glue stick *Construction paper/Card stock For design inspiration visit Graduation Photo Banner. 2.) Bite-Sized Mortarboards Kick the graduation party treats up a notch with these festive candies! What You Will Need: *Mini reeses’s cups  *Chocolate squares (for the mortarboard base)  *Sour belts (for the tassel) *Cake pop stick (to hold up the candies)  For step-by-step instructions visit Bite-Sized Mortarboards  3.) New Job Jar  Make your grad is prepared to enter to job market with a jar full of supplies! What You Will Need: *Glass jar *Chalkboard paint *Pens/Pencils *Thumbtacks/Paper clips *Post-it notes *Stapler *Sharpies *Hand sanitizer  For complete instructions and more jar ideas visit New Job Jar. 4.)  Smarties Diplomas  Use Smarties candies

Every Day is Earth Day

Why wait for the calendar marked day every Spring to celebrate the Earth? Every day is an opportunity to appreciate the miraculous world that we live in! Here’s how you can help the environment a little every day: 1.) Unplug There’s no need to keep all of those electronic devices plugged in when they’re not being used! Little by little you can start to save electricity. Win for the planet. Win for your electric bill. For more ideas about how to save electricity visit: 2.) Compost Reduce the amount of household waste and put those kitchen scraps to good use in your garden! Composting organic matter can help to create rich soil that is ideal for growing. For more composting tips visit: 3.) Conserve Water  There are dozens of ways to save water at home. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, only run a completely full dishwasher, and

Springtime Recipes: Savory, Sweet, & More

It’s time to say goodbye to the season of hearty soups and welcome fresh, light, and cool recipes! 1.) Avocado/Strawberry Spinach Salad It’s as easy as chopping up the ingredients and tossing it all together! What You Will Need: *spinach *strawberry slices *one avocado *sliced almonds *poppyseed dressing *optional: crumbled gorgonzola, blue, or goat cheese For the full recipe visit: 2.) Peach Green Tea  Put the coffee aside and whip up this refreshing energizer! What You Will Need: *four peaches * green tea bags *simple syrup *water For the full recipe visit: 3.) Lettuce Wraps Large romaine leafs combined with any choice of protein and veggies! What You Will Need: *romaine lettuce *ground beef, turkey, or chicken breast *toppings (avocado, red onion, bell pepper, cheese, etc) For a variety of lettuce wrap recipes visit: 4.) Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl  This protein-packed recipe will keep you cool in the warm weather

Spring Break: The Ultimate “Stay-Cation”

Turn that week off from school into the vacation of a lifetime! Here’s how to have never-ending fun while staying in town: 1.) “Travel the World” Week Draw countries out of a hat or have a family vote! Choose five places that everyone is interested in traveling to/learning about, research facts on internet, and print photos to create a travel scrapbook. You can even choose authentic recipes to fit the theme and make dinners from around the world. For more travel the world week fun visit: 2.) Board Games & Floats Bust out every board game in the house and get playing! This is a fun activity that is good for any night of break. All you need is vanilla ice cream and a variety of sodas to make the perfect float bar. For innovative float recipes visit: 3.) Backwards Day Spend the entire day doing everything backwards! Wear your

Spring Fundraising: How You Can Help

Pizza, chicken wings, and good old fashioned fundraising! There are plenty of ways to help Eugene’s A Family for Every Child this season. Here’s how: 1.) Track Town Pizza  Grab a slice and help local foster kids! On March 16th Track Town Pizza will host a fundraiser for AFFEC including a fun raffle and 50 percent of the proceeds donated to the cause. For more event information visit: 2.) Buffalo Wild Wings  Indulge in a variety of chicken wings at this weekend long event! From April 15th-17th Springfield’s Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 15 percent of their proceeds to AFFEC. Show the admit one flyer at the door and help support our agency. For more event information visit: 3.) Princess for A Day There is still time to help and donate to this year’s Princess for A Day event! The deadline is March 11th to donate $7,500 to help cover

Healthy Family Fun: Activities & More

  Keep the new year going great with a healthy lifestyle for the whole family! 1.) Yoga for Kids Let the kids enjoys all of the benefits of yoga: increased balance/flexibility, better concentration, boosts confidence, and improves overall well-being. Yoga sequences for all ages are easily accessible and the variety is plentiful! For a starting point visit: 2.) TV Free Activities In the modern era, limiting screen time for kids can be a common responsibility for parents. Luckily the internet is an encyclopedia of TV free fun! To start the no-screen fun visit: 3.) Family Fitness Challenge Skip the gym and get outside! Break a sweat together as a family on hiking trails, playing ultimate frisbee, and more. For family fitness inspiration visit: 4.) Healthy Lunches  Beat the school and work lunch rut with these healthy and affordable options! For school lunch ideas visit: For work lunch ideas visit: 5.)

Groundhog Day: Recipes & Activities

Groundhog day deserves more than just a glance on the calendar and a traditional viewing of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray (though that is highly encouraged). Check out these fun recipes and activities for a unique groundhog day celebration! 1.) Groundhog Sandwich  Will the groundhog see his shadow? Wait on the verdict with a festive groundhog shaped snack! What You Will Need: *Bread *Marshmallows *Chocolate chips *Heart pancake mold *Parchment paper  For the full recipe visit: 2.) Groundhog Pudding Pop Treat everyone to a Punxsutawney Phil delight! What You Will Need: *Milano cookies *Chocolate pudding *Almond slivers *Butterscotch chips *Oreo cookie crumbs *Melted chocolate (milk & white)  For the full recipe visit: 3.) Groundhog Craft All you need is construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to fashion a groundhog craft! What You Will Need: *Brown construction paper (dark & light colored) *Beige construction paper *White construction paper *Googly eyes

Beat the Winter Boredom: Activities for Teens

Winter doesn’t have to mean staying inside and Netflix binging weekend after weekend. Here are some ways to beat the winter boredom with some fun activities for teens! 1.) Mini Pizza Bar Bring the pizza joint to your house!  Create a mini pizza bar with all the toppings. What You Will Need: *Dough * Pizza Sauce *Meats (pepperoni, sausage, chicken, Canadian bacon & more) *Cheese (any of your choosing) *Vegetables (mushrooms, onions, peppers, & more) For further inspiration visit: 2.) Movie Night Pick a theme or just grab every movie in your collection! Pop the popcorn and gather every blanket in the house. What You Will Need: *Movies galore *Popcorn (kettle or butter) *Blankets For further inspiration visit: 3.) Have a Fiesta  Make tacos, burritos, fajitas, or whatever you fancy! A fiesta night for teens is complete with virgin margaritas and homemade guacamole. What You Will Need: *Meat (ground beef,

Recipes To Warm You Up This Winter

  Every season brings new opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. Mix up the classic winter stews with these fun recipes! 1.) Frozen Banana Penguins This a simple treat to make that is sure to bring smiles to every member of the family! Here’s What You Will Need: *Bananas *Edible eyeballs *Dark chocolate *Reese’s Pieces (for the nose and feet)  For images and further instructions visit: 2.) Stuffed Bell Peppers A one pot dinner that includes all of the nutritional staples for a balanced meal. Here’s What You Will Need: *Bell Peppers *Lean ground beef or ground turkey *Brown rice *Salsa *Optional: shredded cheese *Salt & pepper to taste For further instructions visit: 3.) White Hot Chocolate A fun twist on the traditional cocoa! Here’s What You Will Need: *Milk of choice *Vanilla extract *8 oz white chocolate *Whipping cream  For further instructions and visuals visit: 4.) Quinoa Minestrone

Beat the Winter Boredom: Indoor Activities for Kids

At the peak of winter days are more weekends spent bundled up inside. Here’s how to keep the blistery weekends fun for you and the kids! 1.) Winter Wonderland Obstacle Course Create a winter-themed obstacle course with items laying around the house! Here’s what you’ll need: *Two long sticks for ski poles *Two empty tissue boxes for skis *White or light colored sheets for a snow tunnel & a string of christmas lights  *One laundry basket filled with stuffed animals & rope to pull it *More white or light colored sheets and plenty of pillows for a snowy mountain For step by step instructions visit: 2.)”Rainy Day Read-A-Thon” Grab every book in your collection, something warm to sip, a mountain of pillows and blankets, and let the read-a-thon begin! Here’s what you will need: *A snack of your choosing *A beverage of your choosing *Literature  *Pillows and blankets to assemble