Shopping for a Cause

Shopping for a Cause

This year get your holiday shopping done and help foster children find their forever families! Here’s how: 1.) Amazon Smile It’s the same as using a regular Amazon account, but Amazon Smile will donate a percentage of the purchase to A Family for Every Child. Just type into the browser, log into your Amazon account, search “A Family for Every Child” and select them as your charity.  For more information on Amazon Smile and AFFEC visit: 2.) Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program If you have a Fred Meyer rewards card and prefer to do holiday shopping online, this donation opportunity is ideal! Visit, click “Link your Rewards Card Now”, sign into your account, navigate to the “Find Your Organization” page and search “A Family for Every Child”, lastly navigate to the “Select Your Organization” page, choose A Family for Every Child then click enroll.  3.) GoodShop Navigate this online

Happy Halloween: Spooky, Fun, & Tasty Recipes

The scariest time of year will be here in just two short days. Along with the candy, Halloween is a great opportunity to try out simple and festive recipes that will be the hit of any party. It’s not too late to create a spectacularly spooky spread for friends and family! #1. Spiderweb Cookie Cake This dessert serves 12 people and bakes in just 20 minutes. Add fake spiders for an additional festive and spooky look! What You Will Need: *Deep, Round Pizza Pan/ Parchment Paper  *Flour *Eggs *Butter *Brown & Cane Sugar *Vanilla *M&M’s  *Baking Soda *Salt  *Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips *Black Frosting for the Spider Web For the full recipe visit: #2. Ghost Chips & Guacamole A Halloween twist on a classic snack combination. Just use kitchen scissors to fashion ghost-shaped tortillas! What You Will Need: * For the Guacamole: Avocados, Onion, Cilantro, Lime Juice, Adobo Sauce, Cumin, &

DIY Halloween: Teen Costumes

  The world of DIY costumes isn’t just limited to small children. No one is too old to dress up for Halloween and DIY options are just as plentiful for teens! #1. Zombie What you will need: * An old t-shirt to cut holes in *Scissors *Red paint or fake blood For further instructions visit: #2. Slurpee  What you will need:  *Tull *A red pool noodle for the straw *Automotive headliner fabric *Acrylic & latex paint For further instructions visit: #3.) Waldo  What you will need: *A white t-shirt with red stripes * Jeans * Black frame glasses *Sneakers *A beanie (red or white with red stripes) * Optional: suspenders For further instructions visit: 4.) Grapes  What you will need: * Purple t-shirt * Green pants  *Green or black shoes * Green or purple  beanie  * Purple balloons  For further instructions: 5.) Lego What you will need: * Cardboard

DIY Halloween: Kid Costumes

October 31st doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune on Halloween costumes for the kids. These days a do-it-yourself Halloween costume is easy as can be! #1. Donut What you’ll need: *One inner tube * Spray paint for the donut, frosting color, and sprinkles *Foam curlers *Hot glue *Painter’s tape Optional: One plastic pumpkin treat bucket & ribbon (for the “donut hole”) Visit for further instructions. #2. Granny & Grandpa What you’ll need: * Sweater, cardigan, suspenders, printed dress, khaki pants, a button up shirt, etc. *Glasses, pearls, curlers, gray yarn to stitch on a hat for hair, cotton balls fashioned into a wig, or temporary gray hair color. * PVC pipe and tennis balls to fashion a walker Visit for further instructions. #3. Scuba Diver What you’ll need:  * Two 2 liter bottles for the tanks  *A pair of googles and a snorkel  *Electrical tape for a belt & sponge curlers for

Fun in the Fall: Recipes for Kids

  It is the lovely time of year when the air is crisp and the aroma of cinnamon sticks and apples fills one’s nostrils. Leaves are transforming, pumpkin patches are awaiting pumpkin pickers, and the nights have just the right amount of chilliness for bundling up with a cozy blanket and warm mug of hot apple cider. With fall comes endless possibilities for delicious fall treats. Although Halloween is on the horizon, this is a list of treats that kids will love and won’t require a filling. 1.) Pumpkin Zucchini Bread Say the word zucchini and it is sure to send some kids running for the door. Combining zucchini with the sweet flavors of cinnamon, pumpkin, brown sugar, and vanilla is a great way to sneak a little greens into a tasty treat. For a healthier option: Sub the brown sugar for apple sauce, the sweet taste will remain while

After School Extracurriculars in the Community

  Obviously the most important after school activity is homework, but after the traditional snack followed by homework, what is a kid to do? Check out this list of extracurricular activities for kids to get involved in this fall: 1.) Eugene Parks & Recreation This September-December Eugene Parks & Rec has an abundance of activities for kids 5-12 as well as teens. Read up on everything from karate, lego architecture classes, fencing, fashion design, hip hop dance, and more! Dates and rates vary for each activity. Visit for access to the Fall 2015 Recreation Guide. 2.) Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley  Eugene’s own Boys & Girls Club offers mentoring programs, various athletics, and even the arts, which includes an opportunity for youth to enter their work in a national photography contest. Visit to find out more about what the emerald valley Boys & Girls Club has to offer. 3.) Eugene

One Last Summer Hurrah

As Labor Day Weekend approaches, the leaves are slowly beginning to change to vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and the long summer nights are transforming into crisp fall nights. Although the first day of school is just around the corner, the time for one last summer hurrah is now!  Try one idea or be bold and try every item from this ultimate list of last summer hurrah activities: 1.) Volunteer Together See if the local homeless shelter needs volunteers to serve food, walk dogs at the animal shelter, bake cookies for a nursing home, the possibilities are endless! Visits this site for more information on end of summer volunteer opportunities in the area: 2.) Visit Local Orchards Stop by Detering Orchards in the Eugene area for their annual Canning Daze event happening on August 22nd-23rd. U-Pick fresh produce such as, apples, peaches, tomatoes, and green beans. Visit for more information. 3.) Have

Tips For Back To School

Labor Day is late this year, which means an earlier back-to-school season. Some kids have already returned, and for parents of adoptive kids, this time of year brings extra pressures beyond fulfilling the school supply list. Help prepare them (and yourself) for the new school year by considering these suggestions: Here are some great ideas for reducing back-to-school anxiety, and although the article is aimed at internationally adopted children, it’s useful for anyone and includes some book recommendations for calming littler ones. Your foster child may also need a cover story. It’s much easier for adults to screen and edit when faced with personal questions; quite a different matter for a foster child to navigate through the inevitable barrage on the playground. This is a great plan for you and yours to be able to anticipate those situations. Parents need strategies to manage back-to-school stress just as much as the

Tips On Taking Care Of Yourself

“Take care of yourself.” How many times have we heard or offered that well-intentioned piece of advice? I know I’m guilty of it occasionally. But for parents of an adopted child or children with behavioral problems, “take care of yourself” is a vague and counterproductive sentiment.   The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) held a conference in Long Beach, California from July 29 to August 1, 2015, and there are some helpful links on their website. In particular, there is an article from ten years ago that still offers detailed and solid advice for parents who might need something a little more substantial than “take care of yourself.”   I alluded to this idea in the last Toolbox blog post when I cited the importance of modeling positive behavior when handling stress or anger. Licensed independent social worker Deena McMahon says you must “build self-care into your daily

Summertime Fun With Your Little One

Creating the ultimate summer bucket list to beat the heat and crush boredom will surely keep the kids entertained and the parents at ease. Make the most of the sunny days for your child with these seven activities: 1.) Grow a Potato Plant What you will need: *1 potato of any kind *1 glass cup or jar *Approximately 4 toothpicks Keep your child’s brain active this summer with science! Growing a potato plant is a simple, fun, and educational activity. For further instructions visit: 2.) Pool Noodle Sprinkler Turn that extra pool noodle into the perfect backyard sprinkler! What you will need: *1 foam pool noodle *Duct tape *Skewer or ice pick *Hose For further instructions visit: 3.) Squirt Gun Painting *Squirt guns *Easel or canvas * Drop cloth or an old sheet *Watercolor paper *Liquid watercolors Put those squirt guns to artistic use and have your child create a