How You Can Be Involved With AFFEC

How You Can Be Involved With AFFEC

A Family For Every Child began in 2006 to find permanent adoptive homes full of love for waiting foster children. Over the years, 10+ programs have been implemented to assist special needs and challenging-to-place foster children find their forever families. None of this would be possible without all of the wonderful people who donate their time to us and you could be one of them. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make life-long impacts on these children’s lives.1. VolunteerWe have two events coming up, Princess for a Day (3/3/19) and Hero for a Day (5/18/19) and volunteers are what make them possible. Spending the afternoon with foster children will make a long lasting impression in both of your lives. And who doesn’t love a day full of princess or superheroes?!2. InternWhether you are interested in social media, child recruitment, fundraising, event planning, or something else, there is

What We Do: Your Guide To A Family for Every Child’s Programs

By Aurora
A Family For Every Child is an adoption agency specializing in finding families for children in foster care and placing children with special needs in loving homes, but it is also so much more. Along with the Heart Gallery and various other events we host each year, AFFEC also provides matching assistance, home studies, a mentor program, resources for prospective parents, and family finding services. Matching Assistance Our matching assistance program aims to pair children with families that are right for them. The service lets families upload their biographies and photos and connects them to children who fit their profiles. The matching assistance program is only available to families who have completed an approved home study, but is open to families all across the United States. Home Studies Home studies are available through AFFEC to families in the local Eugene, Oregon area. During a home study, a family meets an adoption caseworker and

We Are Back to Blogging!

By Aurora
Hello Everyone! I know what you are thinking…AFFEC has a blog? Yes we do! It has been a while, but we are back now and it is gonna be great.  What is this blog about you might ask.  Well friends, it is gonna be anything and everything AFFEC.  Heart Gallery, Events, Adoption and Mentor, you will find it here.  So stay tuned for all the great things to come!   To start off the blogging, I want to share our upcoming events. There is a lot of stuff coming up and we are stoked! First off we have the 2nd Annual Blues Benefit! Come down to Mac’s Restaurant and Night Club on April 15th to hear First Press, Lisa Mann, Howlin Dogma, Jerry Zybach, Joanne Broh & Friends and the Hank Shreve Band.  Tickets are available on our website for $20 or at the door for $25.  Mac’s is creating

A Regal Announcement to all Princesses

Dear, Princesses:Please consider attending A Family For Every Child’s Annual Event…PRINCESS FOR A DAY10am – 5pm Sunday, April 9, 2017at the Valley River Inn,Eugene, OregonCost: Foster children are admitted free for this event. $50.00 for non-foster children –includes the event for the princess and the tea-party for them and their (one) guest (parent, foster parent, or guardian).This will be a fun-filled day of yummy treats, tea parties, nail painting, face painting, dress-up, and more! Guardians: Please register your princess here.Volunteers: We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities, whether painting the name of our highness or taking pictures of the children in their royal gowns, we have a volunteer job for you. Please either fill out our Volunteer Form or email:*For more information on sponsoring a princess, donating, etc., please visit our website at this link.Please take a moment to enjoy last year’s event!

Happy New Year from AFFEC: A Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Event…

Happy New Year from A Family For Every Child!     In honor of the new year, please take a moment to review our upcoming event!   A Princess For a Day 10am – 5pm Sunday, March 26, 2017 at the Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon This is a ROYAL gathering for all the royal children in the land. This event is to celebrate the REGAL children both in foster care and not by giving them the royal treatment. This royal treatment includes being pampered, adorned in a new outfit fit for royalty, and a fancy tea party. Here is a sneak peak of what to expect at the event: The princesses get to dress up in a gown and select their slippers and crown as accessories. They get their hair, nails, and make up done by the Royal Hair & Make-Up Team They get to have their picture taken

Volunteer Today!

Benito, Age 11 Benito is a loving youth who smiles often. He can be very affectionate to his caregivers and loves to have physical contact or connections with others. He has a lot of energy and loves to go to the park. Benito also enjoys watching the movie Cars and loves playing with his Car toys. He is non-verbal and communicates through the use of signs. He receives speech therapy and is improving and learning new ways to communicate to others. At times, Benito’s mood will change suddenly. He also will throw temper tantrums if things don’t go the way he planned. Benito prefers to be and does best around few people. To read more about Benito, visit his profile. — Are you interested in making an impact on children such as Benito? We are always looking for dedicated and compassionate people to help us fulfill our Mission.  When you work

Our Mission

I would like to take the moment to reflect upon our mission statement. As you are all aware, A Family for Every Child is dedicated to finding loving, permanent families for every waiting foster child, like Berry. With a sweet, dimpled smile and a mischievous, musical laugh that he readily shares with others, Berry’s about as charming a little guy as you’d ever hope to meet. A recent trip to Disney World made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation netted a personal introduction to another frequent topic of conversation, Mickey Mouse, though if Berry had to pick a favorite between the Disney mascot and Superman he’d have to call it a draw. If you are interested in adopting Berry, please visit his profile. We started by Christy Obie-Barrett and dozens of dedicated and passionate volunteers. Our story is written as followed: In 2006, AFFEC was formed and developed into an organization focused on

Considering Adoption? Sign up for our FREE MAP program

A Family For Every Child’s Matching Assistance (MAP) Program is a free program designed to help waiting families become matched with waiting foster children. Our program is most beneficial to families who are seeking to adopt a foster child over the age of seven with special needs. We provide families with resources and assistance during their adoption journey through newsletters, how-to guides, various media recommendations, and more. We provide families with the tools to submit and advocate for themselves while offering support and assistance during the matching process. These services include: First-rate child search form to find potential matches Ability to create a family biography with photos to share with searching social workers Quickly submit your home study and family biography directly to a child’s social worker Successful recruitment services to connect families with children’s social workers Social worker contact information for certain states A private online support group If you are