Groundhog Day: Recipes & Activities

Groundhog Day: Recipes & Activities

Groundhog day deserves more than just a glance on the calendar and a traditional viewing of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray (though that is highly encouraged). Check out these fun recipes and activities for a unique groundhog day celebration! 1.) Groundhog Sandwich  Will the groundhog see his shadow? Wait on the verdict with a festive groundhog shaped snack! What You Will Need: *Bread *Marshmallows *Chocolate chips *Heart pancake mold *Parchment paper  For the full recipe visit: 2.) Groundhog Pudding Pop Treat everyone to a Punxsutawney Phil delight! What You Will Need: *Milano cookies *Chocolate pudding *Almond slivers *Butterscotch chips *Oreo cookie crumbs *Melted chocolate (milk & white)  For the full recipe visit: 3.) Groundhog Craft All you need is construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to fashion a groundhog craft! What You Will Need: *Brown construction paper (dark & light colored) *Beige construction paper *White construction paper *Googly eyes

Beat the Winter Boredom: Indoor Activities for Kids

At the peak of winter days are more weekends spent bundled up inside. Here’s how to keep the blistery weekends fun for you and the kids! 1.) Winter Wonderland Obstacle Course Create a winter-themed obstacle course with items laying around the house! Here’s what you’ll need: *Two long sticks for ski poles *Two empty tissue boxes for skis *White or light colored sheets for a snow tunnel & a string of christmas lights  *One laundry basket filled with stuffed animals & rope to pull it *More white or light colored sheets and plenty of pillows for a snowy mountain For step by step instructions visit: 2.)”Rainy Day Read-A-Thon” Grab every book in your collection, something warm to sip, a mountain of pillows and blankets, and let the read-a-thon begin! Here’s what you will need: *A snack of your choosing *A beverage of your choosing *Literature  *Pillows and blankets to assemble

DIY Halloween: Teen Costumes

  The world of DIY costumes isn’t just limited to small children. No one is too old to dress up for Halloween and DIY options are just as plentiful for teens! #1. Zombie What you will need: * An old t-shirt to cut holes in *Scissors *Red paint or fake blood For further instructions visit: #2. Slurpee  What you will need:  *Tull *A red pool noodle for the straw *Automotive headliner fabric *Acrylic & latex paint For further instructions visit: #3.) Waldo  What you will need: *A white t-shirt with red stripes * Jeans * Black frame glasses *Sneakers *A beanie (red or white with red stripes) * Optional: suspenders For further instructions visit: 4.) Grapes  What you will need: * Purple t-shirt * Green pants  *Green or black shoes * Green or purple  beanie  * Purple balloons  For further instructions: 5.) Lego What you will need: * Cardboard

DIY Halloween: Kid Costumes

October 31st doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune on Halloween costumes for the kids. These days a do-it-yourself Halloween costume is easy as can be! #1. Donut What you’ll need: *One inner tube * Spray paint for the donut, frosting color, and sprinkles *Foam curlers *Hot glue *Painter’s tape Optional: One plastic pumpkin treat bucket & ribbon (for the “donut hole”) Visit for further instructions. #2. Granny & Grandpa What you’ll need: * Sweater, cardigan, suspenders, printed dress, khaki pants, a button up shirt, etc. *Glasses, pearls, curlers, gray yarn to stitch on a hat for hair, cotton balls fashioned into a wig, or temporary gray hair color. * PVC pipe and tennis balls to fashion a walker Visit for further instructions. #3. Scuba Diver What you’ll need:  * Two 2 liter bottles for the tanks  *A pair of googles and a snorkel  *Electrical tape for a belt & sponge curlers for

A Fun Idea For An Advent Calendar

Today is December 1st. I’m not sure exactly how this happened?  It’s the last month of the year and Christmas is only a short 24 days away. The holiday season seems to approach faster each and every year.  My kids are buzzing with excitement and have begun the annual countdown until Christmas day. When my kids were younger we purchased an Advent calendar for them.  Each day they opened a little paper window and were rewarded with the date and a small chocolate.  They loved the practice and couldn’t wait to receive their small present. I was discussing the idea of decorating for the holiday with a friend and she informed me that they use an Advent calendar every year, but instead of having it full of chocolate each day the window reveals a fun holiday related activity.  For example, Fridays usually contain an instruction to watch a favorite Christmas