Celebrate Mom: Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mom: Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day

The day to recognize mom (other than every day of course) is almost here. Treat mom to a special day with these homemade gift ideas!     1.) Thumbprint Art This is a simple and fun gift for kids to make! Use paints to create various designs on flower pots. What you will need:  *terra cotta pots * acrylic paints * black paint marker  Get creative with thumbprint bees, butterflies, and more! For more inspiration visit Spring Crafts  2.) Pineapple Coconut Sugar Scrub  Take mom to paradise with this rejuvenating homemade body scrub! What you will need: * 8 oz mason jar * coconut oil * sugar * pineapple fragrance oil * 1 lemon zested  For the full recipe visit DIY sugar scrub  3.) DIY Flower Bouquet  Pick out mom’s favorite flower, a simple vase (or repurposed drink bottle) and dress it up with scrapbook paper! You don’t need to

Every Day is Earth Day

Why wait for the calendar marked day every Spring to celebrate the Earth? Every day is an opportunity to appreciate the miraculous world that we live in! Here’s how you can help the environment a little every day: 1.) Unplug There’s no need to keep all of those electronic devices plugged in when they’re not being used! Little by little you can start to save electricity. Win for the planet. Win for your electric bill. For more ideas about how to save electricity visit: http://energy.gov/public-services/homes/saving-electricity 2.) Compost Reduce the amount of household waste and put those kitchen scraps to good use in your garden! Composting organic matter can help to create rich soil that is ideal for growing. For more composting tips visit: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/yard/compost/gardeners-gumbo/ 3.) Conserve Water  There are dozens of ways to save water at home. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, only run a completely full dishwasher, and

Easter 2016: Eggs, Recipes, & More

This Easter you can learn all the tricks to designing the finest Easter eggs, discover recipes beyond the Easter ham, and plan activities to partake in after the glorious Easter egg hunt: 1.) Easter Egg Dye Guides  Half the fun of dying Easter Eggs is picking and choosing colors to see what you end up with. Mix it up this year with natural dye recipes, tie dye, and melted crayon easter eggs! Natural Dye: Use ingredients like beets, turmeric, black coffee, and cabbage to create beautiful, natural Easter egg colors!  For more full recipes visit: http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/simple-step-by-step-guide-to-naturally-dyed-easter-eggs/ Tie Dye: Just choose a variety of colors and supplies like wet paper towels, rubber bands, and spray bottles handy. This take on Easter egg decor is fun and an easy step-by-step process! For further instructions visit:  http://www.ehow.com/how_2163883_tie-dye-easter-eggs.htmlutm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=inline&utm_campaign=easter&crlt.pid=camp.FaR4LKj575RF&pp=0 Melted Crayons: Take hot hard boiled eggs, grab the crayons, and start drawing! This process allows the crayons to melt,

Valentine’s Day Weekend: Fun, Treats, & Games

Kick off Valentine’s Day weekend with sweets and memories that can’t be beat. The entire family will love this Valentine’s Day extravaganza! 1.) Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops  Festive treats can be made with ingredients that are already in the pantry! Here’s What You Will Need: *Traditional or strawberry flavored marshmallows(regular sized) *Melted chocolate (milk, dark, or both) *Red, pink, and white sprinkles  * Lollipop or cake pop sticks  For the full recipe visit: http://www.glorioustreats.com/2011/02/valentines-marshmallow-pops.html 2.) Conversation Heart Jenga Put those conversation hearts to the minute to win it challenge. Split up in teams or play individually. Stack as many hearts as possible without letting the tower fall! What You Will Need: *One bag of conversation hearts * A timer *Still fingers For more games visit: http://www.brit.co/valentines-day-games-for-kids/ 3.) Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow All you need are these sweet ingredients and big bowl to mix them together! Here’s What You Will Need: *One box

Groundhog Day: Recipes & Activities

Groundhog day deserves more than just a glance on the calendar and a traditional viewing of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray (though that is highly encouraged). Check out these fun recipes and activities for a unique groundhog day celebration! 1.) Groundhog Sandwich  Will the groundhog see his shadow? Wait on the verdict with a festive groundhog shaped snack! What You Will Need: *Bread *Marshmallows *Chocolate chips *Heart pancake mold *Parchment paper  For the full recipe visit: http://sweetandlovelycrafts.blogspot.com/2013/01/groundhog-day-sandwich.html 2.) Groundhog Pudding Pop Treat everyone to a Punxsutawney Phil delight! What You Will Need: *Milano cookies *Chocolate pudding *Almond slivers *Butterscotch chips *Oreo cookie crumbs *Melted chocolate (milk & white)  For the full recipe visit: http://simplegirlathome.blogspot.com/2013/01/groundhog-pudding-cups.html 3.) Groundhog Craft All you need is construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to fashion a groundhog craft! What You Will Need: *Brown construction paper (dark & light colored) *Beige construction paper *White construction paper *Googly eyes

New Year, New Resolutions

It is December 31st and unpredictability is practically permeating the air. The new year is hours away and potential feelings ranging from excitement to anxiety for a “fresh start” are consuming the minds of many. With every new year comes the declaration to improve something about ourselves. 2016 does not have to introduce one resolution per person. Take advantage of this new beginning to grow, try new things, remove stress, and give. Why not make 2016 the year of giving. Take care of yourself this year and take care of others. Here’s how to start, as the saying goes, right in your very own backyard: AFFEC “Princess for A Day”  Girls throughout the state of Oregon, ages 2-18, will have the opportunity to be treated like royalty for the day. On April 3rd, 2016 at the Valley River Inn girls will be dressed head-to-toe in princess attire and treated to

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve parties are all about celebrating the memories of the past year while looking forward to a new year full of opportunities and most importantly having a great time with family and friends! Here are some fun ways to ring in the New Year with your family. 1) Balloon Drop Having a balloon drop is a great way to celebrate the New Year, especially for the kiddos! This can be a great way for your kids to experience the Ball Drop without staying up until midnight. What you’ll need: * 1 rectangular plastic tablecloth * Ball of yarn * Painter’s tape * Scissors * Hole punch * Balloons * Confetti (optional) For full instructions with pictures visit: http://ideas.evite.com/diy/diy-balloon-drop/ 2) DIY Noisemakers New Year’s Eve is a time when we actually embrace noise, so what better way for your family to “ring” in the New Year than with DIY

How To Give This Holiday Season

  The holidays are a special time to share with loved ones, but amongst holiday traditions and family memories, there is also the wonderful spirit of giving during the holiday season.   At A Family for Every Child the volunteer opportunities, as well as chances to donate to a cause that helps foster children find their forever homes are readily available. AFFEC believes that each donation “will help find these foster children their forever home. A permanent place to lay their head at night. A home for the holidays. A family to watch and support them at school events. Every child deserves a forever family.” How to Get Involved: 1.) Host a Heart Gallery AFFEC offers the opportunity to display photos of foster children at businesses. This is a wonderful way to create awareness in the community and helps further the process of finding forever families for foster children. For

Happy Halloween: Spooky, Fun, & Tasty Recipes

The scariest time of year will be here in just two short days. Along with the candy, Halloween is a great opportunity to try out simple and festive recipes that will be the hit of any party. It’s not too late to create a spectacularly spooky spread for friends and family! #1. Spiderweb Cookie Cake This dessert serves 12 people and bakes in just 20 minutes. Add fake spiders for an additional festive and spooky look! What You Will Need: *Deep, Round Pizza Pan/ Parchment Paper  *Flour *Eggs *Butter *Brown & Cane Sugar *Vanilla *M&M’s  *Baking Soda *Salt  *Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips *Black Frosting for the Spider Web For the full recipe visit: http://www.thatskinnychickcanbake.com/spiderweb-cookie-cake/ #2. Ghost Chips & Guacamole A Halloween twist on a classic snack combination. Just use kitchen scissors to fashion ghost-shaped tortillas! What You Will Need: * For the Guacamole: Avocados, Onion, Cilantro, Lime Juice, Adobo Sauce, Cumin, &

DIY Halloween: Teen Costumes

  The world of DIY costumes isn’t just limited to small children. No one is too old to dress up for Halloween and DIY options are just as plentiful for teens! #1. Zombie What you will need: * An old t-shirt to cut holes in *Scissors *Red paint or fake blood For further instructions visit: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Zombie-Costume #2. Slurpee  What you will need:  *Tull *A red pool noodle for the straw *Automotive headliner fabric *Acrylic & latex paint For further instructions visit: http://www.crapivemade.com/2010/10/so-you-want-to-be-slurpee.html #3.) Waldo  What you will need: *A white t-shirt with red stripes * Jeans * Black frame glasses *Sneakers *A beanie (red or white with red stripes) * Optional: suspenders For further instructions visit: http://inhabitat.com/diy-how-to-make-a-waldo-costume-for-halloween/ 4.) Grapes  What you will need: * Purple t-shirt * Green pants  *Green or black shoes * Green or purple  beanie  * Purple balloons  For further instructions:  http://www.ehow.com/how_4510852_make-grape-bunch-costume.html 5.) Lego What you will need: * Cardboard