Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Not all young kids understand the meaning of Valentine's Day yet, but one of the best ways to learn is through art. These crafts are great for all ages and don't call for many supplies. Have fun!

Yarn Heart

These hearts make the cutest gift and can be used as decorations around the house or at work.

Cardboard, scissors, yarn, hot glue gun

Valentine Rocks

This is a great way to get outside and be creative. The kids will love getting to hunt for rocks, paint with their hands, and share with friends and family.

Rock, paint, markers

Candy Dog

This is one is trickier, but better than taking care of the real dog your kids have been wanting.

1 Smarties candy, 5 Hershey’s Kisses, pipe cleaner, google eyes, foam paper, small pom-pom, glue

Love Bug

Instead of throwing away all those toilet paper/paper towel rolls, turn them into art! There are so many ways to make these bugs and your kids creativity will shine. The fun is limitless!

Cardboard roll, paint, google eyes, pipe cleaners, beads, construction paper, glue, markers, scissors

Hand Print Bouquet

What's better than a bouquet that will never wilt?! Make it a tradition and watch your child(ren) grow over the years.

Paint, markers, scissors, paper