What We Do: Your Guide To A Family for Every Child’s Programs

A Family For Every Child is an adoption agency specializing in finding families for children in foster care and placing children with special needs in loving homes, but it is also so much more. Along with the Heart Gallery and various other events we host each year, AFFEC also provides matching assistance, home studies, a mentor program, resources for prospective parents, and family finding services.

Matching Assistance

Our matching assistance program aims to pair children with families that are right for them. The service lets families upload their biographies and photos and connects them to children who fit their profilesThe matching assistance program is only available to families who have completed an approved home study, but is open to families all across the United States.

Home Studies

Home studies are available through AFFEC to families in the local Eugene, Oregon area. During a home study, a family meets an adoption caseworker and goes over their background and explains their interest in adoption. The caseworker also evaluates the home to ensure the place is safe and offers adequate space.


AFFEC offers a support group twice a month for pre and post-adoptive parents, foster families, and foster child mentors. At these meetings, attendees can share information and learn from others’ experiences with adoption.

Our website also offers a handy directory of links to helpful adoption resources and books.

These resources include Oregon-based resource centers, online parenting training, and financial aid resources. At AFFEC, we believe adoption should be accessible for families of all income levels, and work to make this a reality by connecting families with various grants, loans and financial advice sources.

Mentor Program

The AFFEC mentor program aims to provide foster care youth with individuals who can support them through major life changes and aid in their personal growth. Mentors are role models who bond with the youth and become someone who is always just a call away.  Mentors provide life skills training for everything school doesn’t cover, like taxes, cooking, and how to navigate healthcare. The program is available to children in the Eugene, Springfield, and Portland areas in Oregon.

Family Finding

AFFEC also contributes to family finding research to help locate children’s next of kin and determine who, if any, may be suitable guardians.