Princess for a Day 2017

Princess For A Day 2017

Princess for a Day 2017


As much as we appreciate all the help we can get, for this event you have to be at least 18 years of age.

Volunteer! Click here and fill out the volunteer form!

Click Here! If you have already filled out the volunteer form and would like to be contacted!
Areas that we will need help with are:


Cultivating Sponsorships

Hair Dressers

Make up Artists

Nail Artists

Face Painters

Dress & Shoe Room



Tea Party Room

Food Donations

Media Outreach

Would you like to volunteer to make this special "Princess Event" happen?
Let's come together and help dreams come true in 2017.

Princess-For-A-Day Coordinator


It takes a Kingdom to create a Princess; we hope you will consider being a part of our Kingdom!!

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