The Matching Assistance Program is discontinued effective August 7, 2023. The MAP website will no longer be available for login starting September 1, 2023.

Host Homes

Youth experiencing houselessness face obstacles inherent in a support system that is not designed to meet their unique needs. Youth-specific shelter services have limitations in how many youth they can serve and some youth experience heightened vulnerability in congregate settings.

A Family for Every Child’s Host Home program offers community members the opportunity to support youth in accessing safe and stable housing while receiving the services and resources they need to reach identified goals and independent living.

Host Homes are:

· Not foster care.
· Offer hosts the opportunity to mentor unhoused youth.
· Supported by A Family for Every Child with 24/7 wrap around services.
· A significant need in our community as the unhoused youth population grows.
· Designed for short-term placements ranging from a few days to six months.
· Matched with youth leveraging a strengths-based needs assessment.

Host Homes promote:

· Opportunities for developing positive relationships.
· Development of individual strengths.
· Stable and safe housing.

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Featured Family: Meet the Fink Family!

We are a fun and active family of 4, of a mixed racial and Jewish background. Our children can expect an accepting home that is child-centered and education prioritized. We understand trauma and have excellent services in our area to accommodate a child’s needs. We are currently using our local charter school to access opportunities for extracurricular activities such as horseback riding, martial arts, music lessons, art classes, and more! We enjoy the Western culture of our area, the local rodeo, and Native American heritage events that my wife and our kids frequent to keep in touch with their culture. Being rural allows us to ride horses and have plenty of open space for our children to run and play in. We are truly looking forward to welcoming more children into our loving family!