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Heart Gallery

What is the Heart Gallery?

A Family For Every Child's Heart Gallery Program displays a rotating group of photos from current, waiting foster children at prominent, public locations throughout Lane County.

A child's photo is often the leading factor in a prospective family choosing to adopt a child. However, the majority of photos taken of foster children are taken in a caseworker's office. The Heart Gallery features photos of kids in settings beyond the walls of an office or school: playing outside, having fun, and being kids.

By featuring the photos of these adoptable foster children, we are able to not only provide additional recruitment options and advertising for the kids themselves, but give a face and name to a much larger systemic issue in our nation's foster system. 

A Family For Every Child has over 20 active Heart  Gallery displays across Lane County at any given time. The Heart Gallery is a grassroots project that requires the support of the community to thrive. We are honored to partner with dozens of local businesses to bring awareness to the plight of America's forgotten foster children.

Interested in featuring a Heart Gallery at your local business? Contact us at to learn more!

“I love the Heart Gallery. When I worked at Market Of Choice they had pictures there. One day this little girl was sitting on her dad’s shoulders and he pointed to the photos and said, “Your picture used to be right there – I had told you I found you in a grocery store.” And the girl started laughing and smiled at the wall. That about broke my heart in a happy way, I almost cried. That’s why I love the Heart Gallery.”  –Community Member

If you are a case worker wanting to exhibit a professional photo of a child in a heart gallery please fill out our referral form.