Heart Gallery

What is the Heart Gallery?

Our Heart Gallery displays the personalities of our foster children and siblings that are waiting to find their forever families by photographing them in settings outside of a caseworker’s office. These are the smiles of children you see in your neighborhood playing, children that your child goes to school with, these are children you could see as an addition to your family someday. The Heart Gallery is not just a program, it is the hope that you can provide a forever family for a waiting foster child.

“I love the Heart Gallery. When I worked at Market Of Choice they had pictures there. One day this little girl was sitting on her dad’s shoulders and he pointed to the picture wall and said, “Your picture used to be right there – I had told you I found you in a grocery store.” And the girl started laughing and smiled at the wall. That about broke my heart in a happy way, I almost cried. And that’s why I love the Heart Gallery.”
– Community Member

Adoption Heart Gallery

Who are the Heart Gallery Children?

The Heart Gallery is a traveling “art exhibit” of beautiful professional photographs of local and nationwide children who are currently in foster care and waiting to be adopted. Our mission is to find a safe permanent loving home for every waiting foster child.

Adoption Heart Gallery

Our Very Generous Photographers


  • Lisa Lamping
  • Louie Law
  • Kim Adams
  • Kelly Goff
  • David Dornbusch
  • Kevin Clark
  • Haley Graham
  • Kianna Ober
  • Janet Kiesse
  • Naomi Levit
  • Corrina Welding
  • Bruce Berg
  • Richard Roman
  • Livia Fremouw
  • Richard May
  • Judi Lamb
  • Paula Goodbar
  • Jay Schwartz
  • Wendy Gregory
  • Michael Ober
  • Julie Chase
  • Thomas Boyd
  • Brandi George
  • Ben Vallejos
  • Greg Hill
  • Ron Quinlan
  • Erica Bader
  • Glenda Carter
  • Alicia Dickerson
  • Amy West
  • Colleen Cahill
  • Dulce Phelps
  • Diane Inskeep
  • Thomas Patterson


  • Jean Mazac
  • Dean Johnson
  • Lorie Weldon
  • Heidi Swoboda
  • Karen Mullen
  • Valerie Bowlick-Terrell
  • Jennifer Wohrle
  • Sally Honeycutt
  • Amber Hickman
  • Kelli Hodges
  • Aly Medina
  • Alyssa Rose Evans
  • Mary Balmaceda
  • Wenmei Hill
  • Tara Malouf
  • Nikki Belyea
  • Karl Schraml, KX2 Studios
  • Doreen Michaels
  • Meg Borders
  • Bunn Salarzon
  • Roseann Endres
  • Lynette Smith


  • Dave Lund

The kids are really three of the sweetest children I have ever encountered. Considering the circumstances, I just didn’t know what to expect. Little J*** ran up and hugged me around my legs when we walked in. That was just about too much for me a softy at heart but tries not to show it. Patient, courteous, and sweet to each other was not what I expected. The foster parents really cared for the kids. Again, my pre-conception was that they might be just doing it to make a little money (who doesn’t need that), but I was really impressed with how they loved the kids. Those three are lucky to have a safety net as good as that.

— Louie

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