Magical St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Magical St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with some sweet treats that may even bring you some extra luck. While all of these foods are green, don’t forget to actually wear it or else you could get pinched!Lucky PancakesStart off the holiday of all things green with these amazing pancakes.Ingredients:Pancake mix, green food coloring, whipped cream, Lucky Charms marshmallowsOreos-O-Gold Attract all of the leprechauns with this unique pot of gold! They won’t even be disappointed to find that the gold isn’t real.Ingredients: Oreos, dark chocolate, gold sprinkles, Air head Extreme rainbow sour candy, water bottle, parchment papLucky Krispie TreatsYou’ll never want to eat plain Rice Krispie treats again after trying these. Ingredients:Butter, marshmallows, Rice Krispie cereal, vanilla extract, green food coloring, Lucky Charm’s marshmallowsShamrock FloatsThis epic float couldn’t be easier to make or any more delicious.Ingredients: Lime sherbert, lemon lime sodaLeprechaun PopcornCombine sweet and salty with this festive popcorn. But watch out, some leprechauns might come

A Day for Dad: DIY Gifts & Recipes

Dad deserves a special Father’s Day celebration! Spoil him this year with these gift and recipe ideas   1.) Hash Brown Egg Nests Surprise Dad with a delicious breakfast in bed!  What You Will Need: *Frozen hash browns (or grated russet potatoes) *Shredded cheddar cheese *Eggs *Breakfast meat (bacon, sausage, or ham) *Avocados *Optional: Chopped parsley For the full recipe visit Hash Brown Egg Nests   2.) DIY Light-Up Card Fashion a card with a DIY light saber for the Star Wars fanatic Dad! What You Will Need: *White card stock or scrapbook paper *Colored LED light *Colored straw *Transparent tape            *Light-Up Card Printable For full instructions and card printables visit Light-Up Cards   3.) French Toast Kebabs Serve Dad up a fun twist on a classic breakfast! What You Will Need: *White bread * Vanilla extract * Eggs *Fresh blueberries *Fresh raspberries *Sliced bananas *Unsalted butter *Optional: Maple Syrup

Beat the Heat: A “How To” Guide

Don’t let high temperatures spoil summertime fun! Cool off with these recipes and activities: 1.) Frozen strawberry lemonade Sip on this refreshing beverage for a relaxing way to cool off! What You Will Need: *Organic frozen strawberries *Organic lemonade *Ice *Blender For the full recipe visit Frozen Strawberry Lemonade 2.) DIY Water Sponge Bombs Have hours of fun with a water sponge bomb fight! What You Will Need: *Household sponges *Rubber bands *Scissors For further instructions and other “beat the heat” crafts visit Water Sponge Bombs. 3.) Blueberry Lemonade Ice Pops Forget driving to the store for popsicles and try these homemade cool treats! What You Will Need: *Frozen lemonade concentrate *Cold water *Fresh blueberries *Lemon *Paper cups *Wooden freezer pop sticks *Mixing bowl For the full recipe visit Blueberry Lemonade Ice Pops.  4.) Ice Chalk Let the whole family express their artistic side on a hot summer’s day! What You

Graduation in Style: Crafts, Recipes, & Gift Ideas

  Treat your grad like royalty with these graduation party must-haves! 1.) Graduation Photo Banner  Relive your graduate’s school years with a fun photo banner starting from kindergarten to present day! What You Will Need: *Photo prints *String *Glue stick *Construction paper/Card stock For design inspiration visit Graduation Photo Banner. 2.) Bite-Sized Mortarboards Kick the graduation party treats up a notch with these festive candies! What You Will Need: *Mini reeses’s cups  *Chocolate squares (for the mortarboard base)  *Sour belts (for the tassel) *Cake pop stick (to hold up the candies)  For step-by-step instructions visit Bite-Sized Mortarboards  3.) New Job Jar  Make your grad is prepared to enter to job market with a jar full of supplies! What You Will Need: *Glass jar *Chalkboard paint *Pens/Pencils *Thumbtacks/Paper clips *Post-it notes *Stapler *Sharpies *Hand sanitizer  For complete instructions and more jar ideas visit New Job Jar. 4.)  Smarties Diplomas  Use Smarties candies

Springtime Recipes: Savory, Sweet, & More

It’s time to say goodbye to the season of hearty soups and welcome fresh, light, and cool recipes! 1.) Avocado/Strawberry Spinach Salad It’s as easy as chopping up the ingredients and tossing it all together! What You Will Need: *spinach *strawberry slices *one avocado *sliced almonds *poppyseed dressing *optional: crumbled gorgonzola, blue, or goat cheese For the full recipe visit: 2.) Peach Green Tea  Put the coffee aside and whip up this refreshing energizer! What You Will Need: *four peaches * green tea bags *simple syrup *water For the full recipe visit: 3.) Lettuce Wraps Large romaine leafs combined with any choice of protein and veggies! What You Will Need: *romaine lettuce *ground beef, turkey, or chicken breast *toppings (avocado, red onion, bell pepper, cheese, etc) For a variety of lettuce wrap recipes visit: 4.) Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl  This protein-packed recipe will keep you cool in the warm weather

Easter 2016: Eggs, Recipes, & More

This Easter you can learn all the tricks to designing the finest Easter eggs, discover recipes beyond the Easter ham, and plan activities to partake in after the glorious Easter egg hunt: 1.) Easter Egg Dye Guides  Half the fun of dying Easter Eggs is picking and choosing colors to see what you end up with. Mix it up this year with natural dye recipes, tie dye, and melted crayon easter eggs! Natural Dye: Use ingredients like beets, turmeric, black coffee, and cabbage to create beautiful, natural Easter egg colors!  For more full recipes visit: Tie Dye: Just choose a variety of colors and supplies like wet paper towels, rubber bands, and spray bottles handy. This take on Easter egg decor is fun and an easy step-by-step process! For further instructions visit: Melted Crayons: Take hot hard boiled eggs, grab the crayons, and start drawing! This process allows the crayons to melt,

Valentine’s Day Weekend: Fun, Treats, & Games

Kick off Valentine’s Day weekend with sweets and memories that can’t be beat. The entire family will love this Valentine’s Day extravaganza! 1.) Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops  Festive treats can be made with ingredients that are already in the pantry! Here’s What You Will Need: *Traditional or strawberry flavored marshmallows(regular sized) *Melted chocolate (milk, dark, or both) *Red, pink, and white sprinkles  * Lollipop or cake pop sticks  For the full recipe visit: 2.) Conversation Heart Jenga Put those conversation hearts to the minute to win it challenge. Split up in teams or play individually. Stack as many hearts as possible without letting the tower fall! What You Will Need: *One bag of conversation hearts * A timer *Still fingers For more games visit: 3.) Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow All you need are these sweet ingredients and big bowl to mix them together! Here’s What You Will Need: *One box

Groundhog Day: Recipes & Activities

Groundhog day deserves more than just a glance on the calendar and a traditional viewing of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray (though that is highly encouraged). Check out these fun recipes and activities for a unique groundhog day celebration! 1.) Groundhog Sandwich  Will the groundhog see his shadow? Wait on the verdict with a festive groundhog shaped snack! What You Will Need: *Bread *Marshmallows *Chocolate chips *Heart pancake mold *Parchment paper  For the full recipe visit: 2.) Groundhog Pudding Pop Treat everyone to a Punxsutawney Phil delight! What You Will Need: *Milano cookies *Chocolate pudding *Almond slivers *Butterscotch chips *Oreo cookie crumbs *Melted chocolate (milk & white)  For the full recipe visit: 3.) Groundhog Craft All you need is construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to fashion a groundhog craft! What You Will Need: *Brown construction paper (dark & light colored) *Beige construction paper *White construction paper *Googly eyes

Recipes To Warm You Up This Winter

  Every season brings new opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. Mix up the classic winter stews with these fun recipes! 1.) Frozen Banana Penguins This a simple treat to make that is sure to bring smiles to every member of the family! Here’s What You Will Need: *Bananas *Edible eyeballs *Dark chocolate *Reese’s Pieces (for the nose and feet)  For images and further instructions visit: 2.) Stuffed Bell Peppers A one pot dinner that includes all of the nutritional staples for a balanced meal. Here’s What You Will Need: *Bell Peppers *Lean ground beef or ground turkey *Brown rice *Salsa *Optional: shredded cheese *Salt & pepper to taste For further instructions visit: 3.) White Hot Chocolate A fun twist on the traditional cocoa! Here’s What You Will Need: *Milk of choice *Vanilla extract *8 oz white chocolate *Whipping cream  For further instructions and visuals visit: 4.) Quinoa Minestrone

Happy Halloween: Spooky, Fun, & Tasty Recipes

The scariest time of year will be here in just two short days. Along with the candy, Halloween is a great opportunity to try out simple and festive recipes that will be the hit of any party. It’s not too late to create a spectacularly spooky spread for friends and family! #1. Spiderweb Cookie Cake This dessert serves 12 people and bakes in just 20 minutes. Add fake spiders for an additional festive and spooky look! What You Will Need: *Deep, Round Pizza Pan/ Parchment Paper  *Flour *Eggs *Butter *Brown & Cane Sugar *Vanilla *M&M’s  *Baking Soda *Salt  *Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips *Black Frosting for the Spider Web For the full recipe visit: #2. Ghost Chips & Guacamole A Halloween twist on a classic snack combination. Just use kitchen scissors to fashion ghost-shaped tortillas! What You Will Need: * For the Guacamole: Avocados, Onion, Cilantro, Lime Juice, Adobo Sauce, Cumin, &