How You Can Be Involved With AFFEC

How You Can Be Involved With AFFEC

A Family For Every Child began in 2006 to find permanent adoptive homes full of love for waiting foster children. Over the years, 10+ programs have been implemented to assist special needs and challenging-to-place foster children find their forever families. None of this would be possible without all of the wonderful people who donate their time to us and you could be one of them. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make life-long impacts on these children’s lives.1. VolunteerWe have two events coming up, Princess for a Day (3/3/19) and Hero for a Day (5/18/19) and volunteers are what make them possible. Spending the afternoon with foster children will make a long lasting impression in both of your lives. And who doesn’t love a day full of princess or superheroes?!2. InternWhether you are interested in social media, child recruitment, fundraising, event planning, or something else, there is

Dear Princesses, Save The Date

Hear ye! Hear ye! Our 11th annual Princess for a Day event is upon us and we’re asking for the fairest in the land to attend! Join us for a day full of spa treatments, dress-up, tea parties, dancing and singing along side all of your favorite Disney princesses, and more. The royal party will commence on March 3, 2019 from 10A.M. to 5P.M. at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Foster children are admitted for free and non-foster children can purchase tickets for $50, which includes the event, tea party, and one guest. Registration can be done online, at the door during the event, or in person at our office (1675 West 11th Avenue Eugene, Oregon). If you want to join but don’t have a princess to bring, we offer tons of volunteer opportunities. Of course none of this can be done without the help of our amazing

Thank you Volunteers!

We at AFFEC are honored to work with many families and even more amazing volunteers. Please take a moment to check out our latest video highlighting a few of these amazing people. We could not do what we do without each of you! Thank-you!

Why I Volunteer for AFFEC

By Aurora
This week, my internship as the blog coordinator for AFFEC will come to a close.  Although I only just discovered AFFEC a few weeks before my internship began,  the past twelve weeks have been several years in the making. When I was around six years old, a neighborhood boy of about eight or nine began visiting every day after school. He was my sister’s age and frankly, I remember being more annoyed by his constant presence than anything. He was always eager to join in whatever game my best friend from across the street and I were playing. He would come over for snacks, help with homework, swimming, and Jamba Juice outings. I never quite knew why he was always around; it wasn’t as if my sister was best friends with him.  For some reason,  trips to Jamba Juice are what stand out the most. Overall, my memories of him

One Photo Can Make A Difference. So Can You

By Aurora
For today’s blog post, I want to talk about the Heart Gallery. The thing that started it all in 2006. The Heart Gallery is a traveling exhibition of photos.  The children in these pictures live across the nation, and they are all looking for their forever families. The Heart Gallery is a bridge between these children and their forever families.  It is one thing to simply read about child, but it is another thing entirely to see that child, and to see their energy and their excitement.  The child becomes real, the need becomes real, and people are spurred into action! The Heart Gallery brings people to us.  Those who want to adopt, those who want to mentor, those who want to volunteer, and those who want to help, but don’t know what they can offer, they come because they saw a child in the Heart Gallery, and it sparked something inside

A Regal Announcement to all Princesses

Dear, Princesses:Please consider attending A Family For Every Child’s Annual Event…PRINCESS FOR A DAY10am – 5pm Sunday, April 9, 2017at the Valley River Inn,Eugene, OregonCost: Foster children are admitted free for this event. $50.00 for non-foster children –includes the event for the princess and the tea-party for them and their (one) guest (parent, foster parent, or guardian).This will be a fun-filled day of yummy treats, tea parties, nail painting, face painting, dress-up, and more! Guardians: Please register your princess here.Volunteers: We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities, whether painting the name of our highness or taking pictures of the children in their royal gowns, we have a volunteer job for you. Please either fill out our Volunteer Form or email:*For more information on sponsoring a princess, donating, etc., please visit our website at this link.Please take a moment to enjoy last year’s event!

Happy New Year from AFFEC: A Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Event…

Happy New Year from A Family For Every Child!     In honor of the new year, please take a moment to review our upcoming event!   A Princess For a Day 10am – 5pm Sunday, March 26, 2017 at the Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon This is a ROYAL gathering for all the royal children in the land. This event is to celebrate the REGAL children both in foster care and not by giving them the royal treatment. This royal treatment includes being pampered, adorned in a new outfit fit for royalty, and a fancy tea party. Here is a sneak peak of what to expect at the event: The princesses get to dress up in a gown and select their slippers and crown as accessories. They get their hair, nails, and make up done by the Royal Hair & Make-Up Team They get to have their picture taken

Volunteer Today!

Benito, Age 11 Benito is a loving youth who smiles often. He can be very affectionate to his caregivers and loves to have physical contact or connections with others. He has a lot of energy and loves to go to the park. Benito also enjoys watching the movie Cars and loves playing with his Car toys. He is non-verbal and communicates through the use of signs. He receives speech therapy and is improving and learning new ways to communicate to others. At times, Benito’s mood will change suddenly. He also will throw temper tantrums if things don’t go the way he planned. Benito prefers to be and does best around few people. To read more about Benito, visit his profile. — Are you interested in making an impact on children such as Benito? We are always looking for dedicated and compassionate people to help us fulfill our Mission.  When you work

Volunteer Opportunities: Summer 2016

  Volunteer this summer to help your local  A Family for Every Child and foster kids in the area! Here’s how you can help: 1.) “Hero for the Day” On June 18th, A Family for Every Child will host its 3rd annual “Hero for a Day” event! Children from the ages of 2 to 18 get the opportunity to be superheroes for the day at this educational and fun event. AFFEC needs your help to raise awareness about the foster care system in Oregon! For more information on how to become a sponsor or donate visit Hero for A Day. 2.) Host a Heart Gallery  Calling all business owners! If you want to give back this summer, sign up to host an AFFEC Heart Gallery at your business. To become a Heart Gallery Venue, AFFEC will provide various photos of foster children in the area. Heart Galleries help promote the