Executive Board of Directors

Martin Hall – President – 2008
Since the 1970s, Marty's professional background has been in real estate and finance. He has also continuously owned and operated several creative businesses involving professional and web-enabled video and audio production, which led to his volunteering technical support to AFFEC during its early times. He is moved by the unique potential AFFEC offers to fundamentally and constructively elevate the human condition in lasting, loving and valuable ways.
Delores Mord – Treasurer – 2006
Delores is the Chief Financial Officer at multiple organizations over her career. Her many decades of work in the bookkeeping/financial field enable her to take care of the organization's financial records, balance sheets and profit/loss statements. She has been involved with AFFEC since its inception and has been a key player in assisting us to successfully expand.
Joan Obie – Board Member – 2015
Joan Obie owns a construction business in Eugene, Oregon and also serves on the Eugene School District Budget Committee.
Laura McGinnis – Board Member – 2015
Laura McGinnis is a public relations professional affiliated with the University of Oregon. She specializes in diversity, media relations and has experience spanning non-profit, political events, awards ceremonies and press conferences.
Cindy Herzog – Board Member - 2013
Cindy Herzog is a long-time supporter, activist, foster/adoptive parent, mentor, volunteer in nearly every capacity, and stay-at-home-parent. Cindy has an amazing perspective on the system and offers thoughtful input for our system-change group. Cindy is also always willing and ready to chip in at any event or at any arising need; she is a very dedicated member of our team.
Vera Collins – Board Member – 2013
Vera is also a foster and adoptive mom. She became involved with AFFEC as a mentor, and since then has been involved in many different ways, roles and programs. In her new role on the Board she will be helping us with our "Hero for a Day" event, which is focused on boys in foster care and those in the community. This is our third year for this event, after seven years of our very successful "Princess for a Day" event for girls.
Jessica Pelatt – Board Member – 2013
Long time Mentor, Volunteer Photographer and Volunteer Venue coordinator, all around AFFEC supporter. Working with children has always been a large part of Jessica's life from helping with her little brother, babysitting and volunteering to work with children from a young age. At sixteen she even raised money to work with children at an orphanage in Azerbaijan, which ended up being a life changing experience for Jessica.
Now with a degree in English and a masters in Education, she has worked as a teacher. Jessica now dedicates her time to many volunteer roles, many of which A Family For Every child are very grateful to have her a part of. Her role as a long time Mentor, to her mentee Lizzie, has made all the difference in Lizzie's success after Foster care. Lizzie now lives with Jessica and her husband. Jessica loves photography, reading, singing, crafting and many other hobbies. She also loves learning new skills. Jessica is committed to assisting AFFEC in many ways, and we at AFFEC feel honored to have her on our team.
Christy Obie-Barrett – non-voting Executive Board member and Executive Director – 2006 Christy is the founder and Executive Director of the Oregon-based 501(c)(3) agency she started in 2006, A Family For Every Child/Heart Gallery. The Heart Gallery was AFFEC's first program. AFFEC has now grown to include ten different programs intended to support foster children and find forever families nationwide. Programs range from foster parent support groups to an excellent Mentor Program to Family Finding Program services that search for relatives who may have cared for a child in the past. Christy's cause has now become the cause of 15 employees and close to 900 volunteers in AFFEC's database. Christy is the mother of 12 children, 9 of whom are adopted.

Associate Board of Directors

Associate Board Mission: The mission of the Associate Board is to promote awareness of a Family for Every Child's mission in the communities it serves, to organize philanthropic initiatives and to provide volunteer service. As ambassadors of AFFEC, the Associate Board has the opportunity to participate in many different ways, including fundraising, public relations, outreach and recruiting of new members.

Members (two-year term)

Steve Apel Steve has been a long time volunteer for AFFEC. He prepares our weekly newsletter in addition to daily postings of waiting children on our social-media platforms. Steve is looking forward to getting involved in many other areas at AFFEC and has dedicated himself to his role on the Associate Board.

Chris Sterling Chris worked for the Department of Human Services for over 20 years. Now she works for our wonderful community partner, CASA of Lane County. Chris is interested in getting involved in system change and expanding recruitment areas for waiting children through AFFEC's services. Chris is a foster and adoptive mom.

Mary Bromley Mary has been an AFFEC mentor for over five years. She is the only consistent person in the life of her mentee. Mary also recently retired from the school district and will begin working with us on our Education/Mentor/Mentee Program as an Education Liaison.

Desiree Robinson Desiree has been our primary go-to gal for video for over five years. She has created 90% of the videos on our web page, and now as an Associate Board member, she is looking forward to getting involved in other areas. Desiree has recently expressed interest in writing grants for us.

Linda Hamilton Linda joined the AFFEC Associate Board to assist us with diversity outreach. She has helped connect us to the faith-based community and to an organization in which she is very involved, BIG. (Blacks in Government). Linda is also becoming a mentor.

Christina Sutton Christina comes to the Associate Board with the longest history of connection to AFFEC. In the very early days she ran our Mentor Program, and then she took a break to foster and adopt many children. While she still has a home filled with adopted and foster children, she is getting involved again to help us build our education classes for youth at risk of aging out of care and those who will become adults with little preparation for the real world. She will plan and teach bi-weekly classes on everything from "How to write a check" to "How to shop for food" to college, trade-school knowledge, and resume-building. Christina grew up in foster care and never got a family of her own, so her passion for at-risk youth is huge and based in real-life experience.

Lisa Gallo Lisa is a local attorney and is excited to get involved on the AFFEC Associate Board. We are hoping Lisa can help guide our newly formed system-change group, which meets weekly to look at big-picture foster care system change.

Yvonne Campos Yvonne spent six years in foster care before leaving to live with her sister. She is very dedicated to making change for other at-risk children. Yvonne is currently in the Family and Human Services program at University of Oregon and has volunteered in our office for years. Yvonne has also volunteered to speak at many of our events.

We continue to build our membership in the Associate Board. We meet quarterly as a group, and each members meets with the Executive Director and staff regularly.