Financial Aid for Foster Youth

  • Federal Pell Grant
    Foster youth are eligible for this grant as they have “independent” status.
  • Oregon Opportunity Grant
    Foster youth often receive this grant due to financial need. It can only be used by Oregon residents and at a nonprofit college or university in Oregon. Access through completing the FAFSA.
  • Education Training Voucher (ETV or ETG)
    Funded through the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP). This grant provides up to $3,000.00 a year for youth who were in foster care (DHS or one of the federally recognized tribes) and dismissed from care at age 16 or older with 180 days of foster care placement services. If a youth is receiving these funds at age 21, s/he is eligible to apply for funding until age 23.
    Although the Chafee ETV grant can be accessed year round through the ILP Desk, we encourage all youth to apply for their financial aid between January 1st and March 1st (FAFSA, OSAC & ETV applications) in order to obtain maximum funding for post-secondary education.
  • Orphan Foundation of America Scholarship Program
    Several scholarships are available through the Orphan Foundation of America including the Casey Family Scholarships.
  • National Foster Parent Association Scholarships
    This website also lists a full scholarship for the University of Phoenix.
  • Fostering A Future Scholarship to benefit youth adopted from foster care after age 13.
  • Oregon Student Assistance Commission
    Hundreds of scholarships are available through the Oregon Student Assistance Commission

Irmgard Schultz Scholarship
This scholarship is privately funded and can be accessed through OSAC. Note: Foster youth are a secondary priority. First priority is to any graduate from Jackson County.

DREAM Scholarship for Foster Youth aka Former Foster Children Scholarship
This scholarship was initially funded by the Oregon Legislature but is now funded by private donations. Primary eligibility are for those youth who meet the requirements for the ETV listed above. However, as a secondary purpose, this scholarship can serve youth who were in the DHS child welfare system; youth who are adopted from DHS child welfare between the ages of 14 ½ and 16; foster youth who did not receive Chafee funds before age 21, or are over age 23 (less than age 26) and have not yet completed their post-secondary education.

To be eligible a youth must:

  1. Have at least 365 days of Oregon child welfare care and custody after the age of 16.
  2. Must enroll at a post-secondary institution within 3 years of wardship dismissal or completing high school/GED (whichever is earlier).
  3. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A student must complete 30 hours of volunteer activities to retain eligibility for year 2 and all subsequent years. Once enrolled and receiving the tuition waiver, the student is entitled to the equivalent of 4 years of undergraduate studies.