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    January 01, 1970
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About Princess for a Day

Princess For a Day is a community event where kids of all ages and backgrounds are treated to a day of luxury as they transform into princes and princesses. Both foster and community kids alike receive a day of pampering and excitement, straight out of a fairytale. They begin their day in the Princess Salon, where they have their hair and makeup styled like royalty--including a crown or tiara! Next, the princesses move onto the Royal Boutique, where they pick out a complete princess outfit including a dress, shoes, and accessories (all to take home and keep)! After their makeover, the princesses head to a photo shoot with professional photographers, where they'll receive a personal printed copy of their photo. Then they walk the red carpet, escorted by their favorite fairytale characters! The princesses and princes are then announced by name into the royal ball and tea party, where they dance with their favorite characters and enjoy a buffet of locally-sourced treats.

Princess For a Day is free to foster youth, and open to community kids through ticketing. To register for 2023's Princess For a Day, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event only for foster children? Not at all! While foster children attend the event for free, Princess For a Day is open to community children through ticketing. For more information on ticket prices and registering, please click here.

Is this event only for girls? A Family For Every Child firmly believes children of all genders, ages, and backgrounds can be princesses and princes. Attendees have their choice of princess dress and tiara or prince cape and crown.

Can I drop my kids off at the event and pick them up afterwards? No, children must be supervised at all times during the event. Each child is required to have an adult accompany them.

What time is the event? Can I show up at any time during the event? How long does it last? Princess For A Day lasts from 9AM to 5PM at Venue 252 in Eugene, OR. Upon registering, each attending Princess receives a timeslot for when they may enter the event. Once you check in at your timeslot, the event will take approximately an 1 to 1.5 hours to finish, depending on your child's pace.

Do we need to bring anything? Does my child need to come in a dress/costume? All princess supplies and costuming are provided by the event, and can be taken home at the end of the event. Kids are encouraged to wear shorts and a tank top under their street clothes, to easily slip their dress over.

Are walk-ins allowed? Walk-ins are accepted at Princess For a Day, however pre-registration is highly recommended to avoid long wait times and secure your spot. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and we typically sell out early each year.

My child would love this event, but we can't afford it right now. Are there scholarships available? Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, we often have a limited number of scholarships we are able to give out. Please reach out to us directly to enquire about availability.

Where can I find photos from previous Princess For a Day events? All of our photos from past events are posted online. Click here to view 2022's Princess For a Day.








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