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Hi! I am Sarah and my husband's name is Daniel. We have 3 biological sons: Noah 14, Elijah 13, and Isaiah 9. We have a teenie doggie named Jenna. We are seeking to adopt a girl, between 0 and 4 years old. We are open to a sibling group of 2. We are open to any race and ethnicity.

Our Family

Noah is our book worm that is sweet and gentle to his very core! He is a nurturing older brother and he welcomes every foster child into our home with open arms. Elijah is our inventor, bashful and kind. He loves to build, create and make Lego masterpieces! It takes him longer to warm up but once he makes that connection, you will have a fiercely loyal brother for life! Isaiah is our laid back snuggle bunny. He takes most things in stride and loves to make people laugh! An inquisitive sort, he will ask the same question over and over until he hears an answer that satisfies his curiosity.

We are a very close family that celebrates even the smallest successes! Pizza night, family sleepovers, game nights with ice cream sundaes and more...just a few things that make our family so unique. We believe in eating meals as a family and having table talk. Being involved in our children's extra-curricular activities is a priority for us!

Daniel is a Controller with a well known horse farm. Daniel drives the bus and is Treasurer for our son's Boy Scout troop and is Assistant Scout Master for our youngest son's Webelos troop.

Our oldest son plays the Tuba and is getting ready for Freshman year and Marching Band. My middle son plays the Viola and is in the Middle School Orchestra. Our youngest is busy running with his friends to stop him too long! My husband and I strive to show our children how in love we are so we go on several dates a month. Our large support system helps make these special evenings happen.

I was a Preschool teacher for 8 years and am now a stay at home Mom. I am here all day and there to meet them off of the school bus. Helping with homework and problems with hugs and advice.

We Have cookouts with corn hole, tether ball and a game with tennis balls and PVC pipe made by their Grandfather. We are also HUGE University of Kentucky Basketball and we live about 15 minutes from UK, so we go to some of the games! Go CATS!!

Daniel enjoys: Scouts, Sports, Camping, Hiking, Cookouts with friends and family, and playing spotlight with the kids in our neighborhood.

I enjoy: Baking, playing with kids, creating scrapbooks, playing Bunco, dancing, and the MOST important job, being a Mom!!!!

Noah enjoys: Reading, Scouts, riding his scooter, writing stories, playing video games and learning various things on his Kindle Fire :)

Elijah enjoys: Scouts, Soccer, Legos, creating comic book stories, video games and running all over the place :)

Isaiah enjoys: Scouts, video games, his brothers, playing outside, playing with stuffed animals and talking :)

We live in a two-story house (3 w/basement).

We can walk to a neighborhood play ground that has swings, slides, monkey bars a basketball court and a pretty cool creek.

Some of our favorite restaurants include: Asuka, Chili's, Applebees, Sonny's, Ramsey's, Red Robin, Johnny Carino's, Olive Garden, Ichiban Buffet, P.F. Chengs, El Potrillo and of course major fast food restaurants.Daniel and I went to school together 7th thru 12th grade and went to our senior prom together. We had never spoken more than 5 words to each other until we had to make preparations for the dance. The dance was magical! We went on a few dates and then went away to school as friends. My mom played an integral role in us getting together our freshman year in college and the rest is a history that has helped us build such a strong marriage of 16 years; 17 years in August.

Our church is very close to our house, and my parents live 10 minutes away. On Daniel's side we have the love and support of 2 of his grandparents, his parents and his older sister. On my side we have the love and support of three of my grandparents, my parents and my two sister's families. It doesn't stop there...we have Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that we stay in touch with on a monthly basis! We take a family vacation every summer with my parents and sisters; 2012, we are going to Myrtle Beach. Each family takes a turn at cooking a meal and they are always theme parents always host a mystery dinner theater that we all bring costumes for and we eat and try to figure out the mystery :)

I have one sister that lives 90 minutes away and another sister that lives in Florida. Daniel's parents and sister live two hours away. We love family and embrace it wholeheartedly! When it comes to foster care and adoption we have experience with both situations. We have been a fostering to adopt home for over 3 years, fostering 19 very special, very different little girls. We have experience parenting children born addicted to drugs, with sensory issues, needing PT, OT, and Speech. Children on the Autism Spectrum, Cerebral Palsy, sexually abused and ADHD. These experiences have helped us grow as people and as parents. My middle sister has adopted internationally from China and Taiwan and my oldest sister has adopted through the Foster Care system from the state of Ohio;an out of state adoption! We KNOW we have so much more love to give and our family is not complete. We have made the decision to adopt as a family and we will experience this journey as a family. We would feel blessed to be chosen as a forever family for the children in need of a home because KIDS MATTER!!!! We are a very active family that loves to spend time together. We are really looking forward to adopting and completing our family! :)