Marissa and  Madisson
Marissa and  Madisson Marissa and  Madisson Marissa and  Madisson Marissa and  Madisson Marissa and  Madisson Marissa and  Madisson
  • Names:
    Marissa and Madisson
  • Ages:
    12 and 11
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children

"We want to be adopted together."

Madisson and Marissa have a close relationship that is complicated in nature. Madisson and Marissa love each other and want to be adopted together. They are protective of each other. Madisson and Marissa enjoy being out together. Most of their issues arise when they are alone or do not have something to keep them busy. The girls enjoy going place together like the movies, zoo, or shopping. They do best when they are not sharing a room and have their own space. Madisson and Marissa have a different set of friends which helps with their sibling competitiveness, but at times causes envy. These girls love each other and it is important that they be adopted together. 

"I want to be with my sister."

Marissa is a talkative and inquisitive youth. She is easy to engage in conversation though efforts have to be made to keep her on target. Marissa struggles in school and needs extra help with her schoolwork in and out of school. It is important to her that she and her sister are together throughout their childhood. Marissa is learning how to regulate her feelings through supportive services. She is learning how to share and to accept rejection on a healthy level. Marissa likes to ride bikes, play sports, and play board games. She needs a lot of attention and affection. She will seek attention through negative actions if not praised for positive actions.

The best family for Marissa will be an advocate for her with the school to ensure that her educational needs are met. They will be patient with her emotional needs and help support her through her healing. Marissa will do well with a two parent family or a single parent family. She will need at least one female caregiver in the home. Marissa will do best with her own bedroom or a room that has designated space for her things only. She is loving and will seek affection from caregivers. A nurturing family is best.

"I want to be adopted."

Madisson is an inquisitive and polite young girl. She is easy to engage in conversation. She likes to go places such as the mall and the zoo. Madisson is able to make friends easily. She has good peer relationships that are typical of a child her age. Madisson enjoys having her own personal space. She is protective of her belongings. Madisson will seek affection from adults in her life. She has struggled in school but is doing relatively well now. Madisson misses her sister and looks forward to her visits with her. Madisson is learning how to better regulate her emotions through supportive services. She responds to redirection.

The ideal family for Madisson will provide opportunities for her to express herself verbally and physically. She needs a family who will spend one on one time with her. She will do best in a home with children who are not her age. The best family for Madisson will allow her to talk about her extended family and her concerns about their welfare. Madisson will do well in a family home with one or two parents.

The ideal family for Marissa and Madisson will have no other children their age. Madisson and Marissa will do best in a home where they can have their own bedrooms or their own space. The girls will need to be able to have one on one time with their adoptive parents so that each feels that they are equally loved. The family for these two young girls will need to support them in supportive services as this has made a significant positive impact on their relationship.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services