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Oregon Child

Trey is a very intuitive, loving, outgoing little boy who is full of energy with a desire to please.  He thrives on positive reinforcement, hugs and appreciation.  He has a smile and laugh that can brighten anyone's day! He enjoys coloring and painting and absolutely loves science and animals. He likes to be outside and be adventurous, racing around enthusiastically on his bike. This young man is inquisitive, enjoys being a leader and taking on a lot of responsibility. He is a highly affectionate and likes to spend time being close to people.

Trey has never met a Lego that he didn’t like! Lego video games and Lego’s of any kind will please this little guy. While he is not so much into sports at this time, Trey’s favorites include things like the latest Top 40 popular music hits, cats and making people laugh. With his great sense of humor, Trey enjoys being funny and generates plenty of humorous things to say and share. 

A good eater, he is not overly selective. His favorite meal is classic: steak and potatoes with broccoli. Families will need to be aware of Trey's diet to manage his sugar intake as well as his intake of certain additives. Trey also sleeps pretty well in addition and reads to ease himself into slumber time. 

Trey is currently in the first grade and is doing much better managing his behavior in the classroom. He receives additional support while in school to help him be successful. Trey will need parents who are prepared to be strong advocates for his educational success as he advances through the grades.

Trey has sibling and additional birth family connections that he maintains. His parents will need to check in with Trey as he grows and matures about how he feels about these connections, and include creativity about contact. 

Skilled parents and caregivers will work best for Trey. He needs parents who are committed and who will allow him to trust that his needs will be met and who are also strong, yet flexible.  Parents who can remain steadfast, reliable, and true will benefit Trey best. Parents who are calming and can help create a soothing atmosphere will be a good match for this caring young boy. Trey can be quite happy and playful when things are moving along smoothly. Thus, it is important to maintain a balance of calm and firm.

Trey needs caregivers who can supervise him as he plays and interacts with others. Trey is still learning about appropriate interactions and will benefit from parents who can model appropriate interactions. Trey benefits greatly from individual time with a trusted adult.

Trey has made significant progress in working through his feelings with support and therapeutic services. His current caregiver and school have indicated that with these supports, Trey's progress has been miraculous. He is committed to improving himself and does not want to fail or let the people around him down and tries very hard. He will need parents who can access or continue to engage him in supports that help him as he grows and matures. 

This little guy needs a particularly committed, patient family who can be very diligent in ensuring that they are able to spend significant time in guiding and supervising Trey at all times. Families who have a creative toolbox of parenting skills while providing structure and consistency, yet who can be flexible, will be important for Trey. His parents will need to have an understanding of children who have experienced trauma and will need an understanding support system. Trey needs a family without other children, or significantly older children who can be healthy role models.

Trey’s foster parent describes him as “a very loving kid.” Trey has endured a great deal adn will need a family who is tolerant and dedicated.  Trey is so young and has lifetime of love and growth to share. He will feel so much more secure when he knows who his future family will be.