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Photographer: Nicki Bailey
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Bulletin #WA1030
Age 14
Date created: 12:05PM Friday 03/09/12
Last updated: 10:43AM Tuesday 02/25/14
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Washington Child

Dravyn is a 13 year old boy who loves to make others laugh. He is a relationship-based child and loves doing things with people whether it’s chores or playing magic cards (his latest passion) with his foster parents. Dravyn enjoys participating in activities such as swimming, riding his bike, and playing video games. Dravyn wants to work in computer science or be a film maker when he grows up. He is an avid reader and is currently reading the Hunger Games series. Dravyn loves animals and is good with pets. Dravyn has a close relationship with is maternal aunt and is in regular contact with her and some of his extended family. He would like a family willing to help him maintain these important relationships. Dravyn reports he is looking for an active family with similar interests to him. He would do best in a home with older children.

Dravyn is very articulate about his behaviors and has many coping skills, but he needs to continue to work on utilizing them in the moment. He does well processing one-on-one and is more successful when skills or tasks are broken down into small steps.

Dravyn is going into 8th grade with a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for support. He is in a self-contained classroom and has made significant improvements in his overall behavior. Dravyn was in general education classes for the majority of this school year and was very successful both behaviorally and academically. He has been struggling with a recent change in schools that prompted a return to a self-contained classroom due to his IEP needs, so he is working on getting back on track. He responds best to redirection at school to stay on task and to focus on himself. Dravyn is very smart and academically and reports reading is his best subject.

Dravyn’s social worker is seeking parents able to provide a balance of nurturing and affection coupled with firm and clear expectations and consistent follow through. A structured daily routine is important for Dravyn’s success. Parents with some experience or training in the effects of trauma and abuse and who are willing to engage in relationship and trust building with Dravyn will be important. Dravyn has a lot of potential in that he is bright, has an engaging personality, and very much wants to be part of a physically and emotionally safe family. Dravyn is excited about being adopted and will be invested in building a relationship with a family.

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