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Bulletin #WA1059
Age 13
Date created: 02:57PM Tuesday 04/10/12
Last updated: 02:12PM Wednesday 07/24/13
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Washington Child
Darien is ready for his transition to a permanent family. He enjoys playing games with peers, going to the movies, shopping, and going out to dinner. He is in 4th grade in a specialized classroom and greatly enjoys the equine therapy he participates in weekly. Darien is growing in his experience with the horses, and can now ride a horse led by a trained instructor. He also knows how to command the horse to turn, stop, walk, and go backwards.

Darien remains in contact with his brother, grandma, and aunt via phone, in-person visits, and Skype. He is working hard to learn about identifying emotions and appropriately managing them. He has enjoyed more and more exposure to community involvement with improvements in behavior and social skills.

Darien would benefit from a family with few or no children in order to assure a high level of nurturing and emotional support, as well as close supervision and assistance with developing relationship skills. Darien's adoption team is seeking a consistent family who can provide predictable routines and a great deal of emotional nurturing in order to help him develop into a confident and relationally competent young man.
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