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Bulletin #NJ143
Age 7
Date created: 12:40PM Tuesday 05/17/11
Last updated: 02:00PM Wednesday 10/23/13
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Jesus is often described as a “Miracle Baby” by his caregivers. He communicates by groans, cries, and minimal eye movements. Jesus receives many types of therapies including, baby yoga and supported standing. He can be soothed by secure cradling movements, soaking in warm baths, or receiving a baby massage. During his extended sleeping periods, Jesus is most comfortable encircled by pillows. He has created bonds with his primary caregivers, recognizing them by their scent and their touch. Jesus continues to function as a newborn requiring a lot of nurturing and hands on care from an adoptive family. He requires an family experienced caring for a medically needy child or one willing to be trained to provide him the ongoing daily care that Jesus. An interested family will need to be willing to come to New Jersey for visitation and training.