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Bulletin #WA327
Age 17
Date created: 10:08AM Saturday 05/21/11
Last updated: 04:09PM Thursday 01/09/14
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Doug enjoys spending time outdoors, especially riding his bike and going to the park. Another great outdoor passion is fishing. He also swims like a fish. Doug does best with healthy activities that allow him to expend his high energy. When unable to play outside, he enjoys playing cards, video games, and board games, building with Legos, looking through picture books, and having stories read to him. Despite his age, he really does enjoy snuggling and having one-on-one time with caregivers. His caregivers have found that praise, encouragement, and trust are positive ways to motivate Doug. He is also responsive to redirection and to the removal of privileges as consequences, when necessary.

Doug's grandmother, who lives in a neighboring state, would like to continue to have contact. His grandmother has been a valuable part of Doug's life and everyone hopes that she can continue to be. Doug has a big heart and really does want what is best for everyone which is evidenced by his desire to help with the younger boys in the home and his caregivers. His helping role allows him to show this gentler side.

Doug's worker wants to hear from couples who have experience and a good grasp of the needs of children with challenging emotional and behavioral needs, and who have strong support systems of family, friends, and community resources, especially educational and other supportive services. Being willing to participate with Doug during his transition into their home could be a great way for his new folk(s) to let him know that they love him and are committed to him.

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